The Most Breathtaking Mountain Views in Ukraine

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
Carpathian Biosphere Reserve | © Хіраш Володимир / WikiCommons
Photo of Maria Sibirtseva
10 July 2018

The Carpathian mountain range in Ukraine is a mecca for tourists. The region is rich with incredible nature, crystal-clear lakes and rivers, refreshing waterfalls and hiking routes. Equally attractive during every season, these mountains have breathtaking views.


Hoverla is the highest mountain peak in Ukraine. Its height is 2,061 meters (6,761 feet) above sea level. Having the most popular hiking trail, the mount can be conquered even by an inexperienced traveller. As a reward, you will behold an amazing panorama. In addition, on the top of Hoverla, you’ll have a chance to see a stone monument in the form of a trident (the state coat of arms of Ukraine), as well as the Ukrainian flag and capsules of earth from all regions of the country.

Hoverla | © Robert-Erik / WikiCommons


Brebeneskul is the second highest peak of the Carpathians, as it is 2,032 meters (6,666 feet) high. It is an interesting destination, not only because of the views and impressive flora and fauna, but also because of the Brebeneskul Lake. Located at the bottom of a glacial crater, it is the most alpine lake in Ukraine. Here it snows until the beginning of summer. In the afternoon, the sun hides over the mountain ridge and the weather becomes freezing cold by the lake. Needless to say, Brebeneskul is not the best camping spot.

Brebeneskul | © DPishniak / WikiCommons

Pip Ivan

This mountain – often called the White Elephant – is a must-visit place in the Carpathian Mountains. It got its name because of a special appearance in winter when a castle-like structure on its ridge is covered in snow and resembles a huge white animal. Built by the Polish in 1939, the building was a place to study stars and conduct meteorological observations. Today, this building is abandoned, but it is very attractive to tourists. Camping under the starry sky provides for an unforgettable experience, picture-perfect views and a fair adrenaline rush.

The old Polish Pip Ivan Observatory | © Khoroshkov / WikiCommons


Menchul, in contrast to other peaks, is one of the easiest destinations to visit (its slopes are more flat), but it is no less scenic. While climbing up, you’ll pass an adorable alpine village called Dzembronya. Its wonderful landscapes fuel the green tourism niche in Ukraine. Interestingly, volunteers from the Ivano-Frankivsk region artificially increased the mountain’s height by two meters, making it exactly 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) high. However, its natural height is 1,998 meters (6,555 feet).

The view from Menchul | © Рукомойніков Валентин / WikiCommons


If you prefer not to put too much physical effort into your trip, but still want to marvel at breathtaking mountain views, Hemba is the perfect place for you. A 20-minute ride on a lift will take you to the mountain’s foot. Another 40 minutes of hiking will get you to the height of 1,491 meters (4,891 feet) above sea level. As the peak has a curved dome shape, a magical panorama expands from it. Surrounded by a dense forest, the air here is especially fresh and dizzying.

Hemba | © Сак Анaстасія / WikiCommons


Although Turkul is a relatively low mountain – only 1,933 meters (6,341 feet) high – it is an unbelievably beautiful peak. Covered in evergreen juniper, pine trees and steep rocks, the mountain is one of the main stops on the hiking routes through the Carpathians, especially when passing the Chornohora Ridge. At the foot of Turkul, there’s the mystical Nesamovyte Lake. Legend says that if a lonely person washes themselves in its water, they will certainly find a soul mate within a year.

The view towards Dancer Mountain | © Mykola Swarnyk / WikiCommons

Hutyn Tomnatyk

Hutyn Tomnatyk is among mountains that stand 2,000 meters tall, giving place to the 40-meter (131-ft) higher Hoverla, located nearby. It is a part of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve – one of the most stunning natural reserves in Ukraine. The vegetation here mainly consists of rare plant species and wild flowers. The climate on Hutyn Tomnatyk is quite mild, so tourists often come here to camp. During the summer months, you can enjoy a massive bloom of wild flowers and a sprawling green view. In the winter months, the mountain is absolutely snow-white.

The view from Hutyn Tomnatyk | © Андрій Угрин / WikiCommons

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