The Best Ukrainian Fashion Designers for Menswear

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Photo of Maria Sibirtseva
8 April 2018

The latest trend of made-in-Ukraine clothes has become so popular that lots of local brands are already well known all over the world. The reason for such a boost is great quality and affordable prices, as well as the stylish design of pieces. The women’s market is much larger; however, some of the Ukrainian fashion designers specialize in menswear. Here they are.


The Ukrainian brand of men’s clothes, Arber, introduces to their audience inexpensive, quality classic wear. In the stores, located in every shopping centre of large cities, you can find everything a man may need: from socks to a tie, coats and accessories. The apparel suits both everyday life situations and business meetings. It’s mostly designed in neutral colours – black and white, blue and grey, making all clothes from the brand match together for any occasion.

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Syndicate is one of the Ukrainian brands worth paying attention to. It features casual and universal apparel, emphasizing the use of natural textiles and high quality. Ukrainian youth prefers it to famous mass market brands because Syndicate’s styles are always limited and unique. There are T-shirts and sweatshirts, cardigans and jackets at very affordable prices. In addition, the company actively collaborates with local designers and street artists. One of the most popular styles are the prints, created by talented fashion designer Masha Reva.

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Sammy Icon

It is not only Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who loves colourful socks. Ukrainians are also passionate about the experiments with bright details. Therefore, Sammy Icon successfully appeared on the local market in 2013. The brand creates pieces in breathtaking colours and designs. There are already more than 200 designs of socks, the number of which increases from season to season.


Victor Anisimov was among the pioneers in the Ukrainian men’s fashion. A former military servant knows for sure how to create extremely comfortable and stylish pieces at the same time. It’s not the colours but the shapes that distinguish his collections from the ones created by other designers. Victor Anisimov is known for great performances during the Ukrainian Fashion Week, in which many local celebrities usually partake. By the way, in his workshop, you can also find men’s shoes and pieces to dress up the whole family.

Sasha Kanevski

Sasha Kanevski is a fashion designer for menswear who is recognized as among the best of the best. He has many times participated in local fashion events and has shown his collections during London Fashion Week and Berlin Fashion Week. Not surprisingly, his extraordinary and extremely stylish pieces can be found in the showrooms all over the world. Furthermore, he likes to collaborate with other brands. For instance, Sasha Kanevski created a collection with Syndicate.

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In recent years, except for highly fashionable apparel, Ukrainian fashion designers started to pay attention to the sporty and comfortable clothes. BLVCK LIMIT is one of such brand. It has quickly attracted the interest of Ukrainians due to its minimalistic but universal design sensibility. Most of the pieces are made from cotton. BLVCK LIMIT also has the same styles for women, so that you can create a couple look and take amazing Instagram photos.