The 9 Best Street Food Spots in Lviv

Croissant sandwich
Croissant sandwich | © vanmarksman/Pixabay
Photo of Maria Sibirtseva
8 December 2017

Being a city with an incredibly large number of options for food, Lviv‘s street food is on par with the high-quality chains. Those inconspicuous spots that offer takeaway soups inside a bread bowl, an exquisite Caesar salad at an affordable price, or colorful Ukrainian dumplings called vareniki will definitely make you enjoy the moment.

Lviv Croissants

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The most popular Lviv street food café, present in many cities throughout Ukraine as a franchise, Lviv Croissants serves a large selection of croissants and light snacks. You can choose between ready-made options or create your own perfect croissant with the selected ingredients. Among the tastiest are savory croissants with chicken and vegetables, and the sweet ones with chocolate. Have a mint infusion as a warm and soothing accompaniment.

My Name is Marusia

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The owners of the My Name is Marusia call it an informal vareniki factory. Vareniki are traditional Ukrainian dumplings made with dough and various fillings and are usually served with smetana (sour cream) or jam. My Name is Marusia is the first and only place that offers takeaway dumplings, moreover, in a colorful interpretation. So, here you can try dumplings with chicken and gorgonzola or with potatoes and basil oil. For dessert, order the vareniki with cottage cheese and jam.

Beagle Bagel

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At Beagle Bagel, the main dish is cooked in the most traditional way, namely, it is first put in boiling water, and only thereafter baked. Here, you can make your own bagel and add fillings to your own taste. In addition to regular savory and sweet bagels, you can enjoy salads and hot and cold drinks. There are several tables at the location, but the bagels are usually served in a convenient takeaway format.


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Recently, Supkultura has become quite a popular place among Lviv locals. At this street food spot, you can get different organic cream soups in an edible cup. It offers three or four options for vegetarian first courses – mushroom, lentils, cheese, pumpkin, or gazpacho, sprinkled with sesame seeds and flax seeds. Interestingly, the soup cups are made of bread, which are are also very tasty on their own.


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Salalat is a place where you can get healthy food to go. The basis of the menu consists of pasta and salads, which are served in paper boxes. Pasta with different sauces, cheeses, and fillings, or delicious green salads are a great choice for lovers of healthy eating who are also in a hurry. It is also a perfect option for a picnic or even late-evening delivery.

Dogs Like Ducks

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Dogs Like Ducks is located in the central part of Lviv. Its slogan is “107% vegan dogs,” and not in vain. The institution specializes in the preparation of vegetarian hot dogs, which are named after the breeds of dogs – Pit Bull, Chow Chow, Spaniel, Husky, or Collie. Along with hot dogs, you can get coffee, tea or milk drinks using vegetable milk. If you’re craving some fast food, but in a slightly healthier variation, Dogs Like Ducks is the right place to visit.

Yellow Donkey

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Yellow Donkey is another place in the heart of Lviv, which serves tasty falafel and pulled pork dishes. They are usually wrapped in tortillas and complemented with vegetables and homemade sauces. You can also choose hummus as a side: classic, beet, or a green one. One must-try dish is the grilled chicken in a honey barbecue sauce with vegetables, which is incredible. They also have a separate menu of salads in boxes and homemade lemonades and sangria.


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Rock’n’Dogs street food offers a quirky variation of the traditional American hot dog. They have homemade sausages – chicken or pork with smoked bacon and herbs served with a variety of sauces and refined ingredients. And if the à la carte hot dog is not enough to sate your hunger, it can always be complemented with French fries or freshly baked chips, or even a fragrant soup or broth. As for the drinks, there is classic Coke, tea, or coffee.


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TikiThai is a local spot that serves Thai cuisine. Noodles and soups are part of the menu. You can choose one of four sauces for your dish or add bamboo shoots, tofu, or seafood to the wok base of vegetables. They are cooked outdoors to order, so you can add any ingredients you choose, even if they are not part of the standard recipe. In order to quench your thirst, order sparkling drinks with the taste of exotic fruits or a classic Dr. Pepper.