The 7 Best Wellness Spots in Ukraine

Relax in Ukraine | © rtm_tatiana/Pixabay
Relax in Ukraine | © rtm_tatiana/Pixabay
Photo of Maria Sibirtseva
15 January 2018

Ukraine is located at the heart of Europe and is an attractive developing destination for thousands of travellers. The country has a rich nature, welcoming people, ancient history and affordable prices for everything. So if you’re planning a trip to the country, think about these high-quality yet inexpensive wellness spots to visit and relax your body and soul.


Morshyn is one of the most-visited resorts in Ukraine. Here you can spend a pleasant time with a number of health benefits. This place is distinguished by a rather mild climate, charming nature, dense forests and famous mineral waters. Thus, it is equally beautiful in summer and winter. A large chain of resorts offers both budget and luxury accommodations and services. The peculiarity of Morshyn is its unique healing mineral waters and a wide range of health-improving procedures, especially suitable for those who have a vulnerable digestive system.

Morshyn | © Сергій Вєтров/WikiCommons


Truskavets’ resorts have a broad wellness specialization. It is one of the oldest centres in Europe, founded in 1827. On its territory, there exists large reserves of mineral waters with 14 natural sources, which are actively used and have a beneficial effect on metabolism. Hotels in Truskavets provide quality treatment in comfortable conditions and at very reasonable prices, in comparison to other European wellness spots. In addition, the resort is truly a unique opportunity to visit a city with a picturesque landscape, surrounded by low hills of the Eastern Carpathians.

Truskavets, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Truskavets_Park Ukraine

Truskavets Park | © AnnaTroicka/WikiCommons


Myrhorod is quite a small resort that consists of only four hotels. However, it is favoured by Ukrainians. Here you can take mud baths and improve health, while drinking mineral water. There are three sources on the territory, the depth of which reaches 710 meters (2,329 feet). There are more than 50 different types of treatments available in Myrhorod, so after spending at least a week in the resort, you will feel much healthier and relaxed.

Myrhorod, Poltavska Oblast, Ukraine


Khmilnyk is a small town on the shore of the Southern Bug River. It is famous for healing springs and a unique radon spa. Here is everything you need for treatment and recreation: mineral waters, large deposits of therapeutic muds, favourable climate, clean air and huge forest areas for strolling. Prices in the resorts of Khmilnyk are relatively low, but the benefits you will get from the time spent there are impressive. The place is always crowded so do not forget to book accommodation in advance.

Khmilnyk, Vynnitska Oblast, Ukraine


Another famous Carpathian resort with mineral sources. The water called Shayanskaya, by its composition, resembles the famous Georgian Borjomi springs. These healing waters are used to treat a huge list of diseases of the digestive system and general health problems. The village of Shayan is surrounded by three mountains of the Carpathian massive, so there is always calm weather to be enjoyed. Not far from the spot, there is a picturesque lake, which has a great beach and is nice for sunbathing during the summer period.

Shayan, Transcarpathian Oblast, Ukraine


Berehove is rich with thermal springs, where wells with hot mineral water are saturated with iron and constantly active. The territory of the resort has functioning swimming pools with thermal mineral water, which were opened back in 1967. Tours to this hospitable wellness spot are becoming increasingly popular among travellers. The reason is that these thermal waters have a different effect than the mineral ones. They positively affect the state of the nervous system and body, thus making physical and mental health stronger.

Berehove, Transcarpathian Oblast, Ukraine


A family resort on the Sea of Azov called Kyrylivka is one of the most popular places to come for summer holidays. It is not surprising that it is usually chosen for trips with children. For special healing treatments, mineral water is also used here. There are two sources with a depth of 500 meters (1,640 feet). The area has an incredibly mild climate, a shallow and very clean sea, sandy beaches, that contribute not only to relaxation but also to the fast recovery.

Kyrylivka, Zaporizka Oblast, Ukraine

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