The 7 Best Tattoo Artists in Ukraine

Photo of Maria Sibirtseva
29 December 2017

These days tattoos are not only a trend but also a lifestyle. In most cases, an illustration has a philosophic meaning or at least looks great on your body. It may take months to find a perfect artist, who will be able to fulfil all your wishes and ideas. In order not to waste time, here are the best tattoo artists in Ukraine who will definitely inspire you.

A young girl from Ukraine who is already known worldwide. Her tattoos are true masterpieces that can hardly be repeated by somebody else. If an image on the skin looks exactly like a flower or plant, be sure to recognize by her signature work. Being extremely talented, she can rarely be spotted in Kiev or other cities of Ukraine. is travelling around the world and has wishful clients everywhere, starting from France and Germany, and all the way to Brazil.

Alexander Suvorov

It is impossible to imagine more realistic tattoos, than those by Alexander Suvorov. His technique is very complicated and masculine. Dark detailed skulls, mystical dragons, gods of Greek mythology, and incredible portraits can be seen in his portfolio of works. If you prefer large impressive tattoos, rather than small and neat ones, Suvorov is the right artist to choose. But do not forget to devote a lot of time for your new body illustration. It will take at least several days to complete the work of art.

Nesheva Ulyana

Nesheva Ulyana is a specialist in miniature and minimalist tattoos. Her works are neat and philosophical, queues to her studio are long and inevitable. This is due to the fact that the girl is also a successful artist, who collaborates with Ukrainian Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and participates in special projects for Lancôme cosmetics. Ulyana makes tattoos for the most up-and-coming and striking Ukrainian musicians and inspires her 70,000 Instagram followers daily.

Maxim Novodvorskiy

When seeing a tattoo by Maxim Novodvorskiy, they can often be confused with photos. Realistic portraits and sophisticated compositions are his signature style, surely unique in Ukraine. Perhaps some consider his works to be exaggerated and too artsy, but nobody will argue that Novodvorskiy is a genius in his field. He also travels around the world a lot, but two main spots, where it’s more likely to catch him are Kiev, Ukraine and Warsaw, Poland.

Aleksandra Katsan

During her career as a tattoo artist, Aleksandra Katsan has made thousands of works. Her tattoos can easily be recognized by the peculiarity – bright colours and slightly careless lines. Katsan works in a watercolour style, sometimes mixing it with other popular techniques, such as graphics, geometry, realism. To make an appointment, locals contact the tattoo artist in advance (her time is booked a couple of months ahead). But once you’ve decided to have a tattoo by Aleksandra Katsan, you will never regret it.

Taras Shtanko

Taras Shtanko is one of the best tattoo artists in Ukraine, who works in the technique of artistic tattooing. He has developed his own program of education in the Kiev studio called Maskot Tattoo. On the basis of his own long-term practice, Shtanko carries out individual training and includes the theoretical component, medical aspects of the profession and artistic consultation. Like most Ukrainian tattoo artists, he is also working abroad and can be found in Hamburg, Germany.

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Alexey Moroz

If you are looking for a tattoo artist who will embody all your bold fantasies in reality, just contact Alexey Moroz as soon as possible. His sketches are really fascinating, but the tattoos he makes are even more gorgeous. It’s hard to believe that using a machine and ink, one can create such magnificent masterpieces. Moroz makes everything: portraits, floral, graphics and abstract images.

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