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What They’re Reading In Turkey This Fall

What They’re Reading In Turkey This Fall

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Updated: 9 August 2017
Apart from bestsellers from abroad that have been translated into Turkish, Turkey’s bookworms also have plenty of options from their local authors. We took a look at the current bestsellers from Turkish authors.

Havva’nın Üç Kızı

Elif Şafak’s latest novel deals with the story of three daughters that are very different from one another but who must face the woes of living in modern Turkey. The lives of Şirin, Mona, and Peri unravel, expressing every aspect from the country’s political issues to the development of identity within a tumult of mutually exclusive influences.

Ela Gözlü Pars Celile

Written by Osman Balcıgil, this book tells the story of Celile Hanım, the mother of famous Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet. One of Turkey’s first female painters, having studied under the Fausto Zonaro, daughter of an Ottoman pasha, and a notable member of Istanbul, Paris, and Rome’s high society, Celile’s often-turbulent life is explored in all its details.

Kürk Mantolu Madonna

This bestselling Turkish classic by Sabahattin Ali revolves around love and longing in a changing world. Ali’s story follows a man who leaves his simple rural life to learn a trade in the thriving 1920s Berlin where he meets a woman who will change his life forever.

İçimizdeki Şeytan

Another Sabahattin Ali novel, this story begins with a conversation between Ömer and Nihat, two university students, on the ferry. When Ömer notices and falls in love with a girl sitting just a few rows away, a tale regarding the social pressures on relationships and the devil within every human being is explored.

#okudumbitti #içimizdekişeytan . 🌿Sabahattin Ali'yi ben de birçok okur gibi ilk Kürk Mantolu Madonna ile tanımış ve sevmiştim. Okuduğum ikinci romanı İçimizdeki Şeytan'da da karakterler oldukça başarılı tahlil edilmiş. Çaresizliğe düştüğünde iradesine yenik düşen ve bu yüzden bahanelere, yani yazarın tabiri ile içindeki şeytana sığınan karakterin kendi ile iç hesaplaşması oldukça ilgimi çekti: 🌿"Ne şeytanı azizim, ne şeytanı? Bu bizim gururumuzun, salaklığımızın uydurması… İçimizdeki şeytan pek de kurnazca olmayan bir kaçamak yolu..İçimizde şeytan yok… İçimizde aciz var… Tembellik var…İradesizlik, bilgisizlik ve bunların hepsinden daha korkunç bir şey: hakikatleri görmekten kaçmak itiyadı var." . . . . . . . #sabahattinali #içimizdekişeytan

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Elveda Güzel Vatanım

Ahmet Ümit’s novel lies somewhere between a historical account and a detective story. The book is composed of letters written by Şehsuvar Sami, a member of the Committee of Union and Progression, a secret society that later transformed in a political organization that aligned itself with the Young Turks during the Ottoman Empire’s dissolution.

Kırmızı Saçlı Kadın

Orhan Pamuk’s latest novel goes back 30 years to an Istanbul of the past and tells the story of Cem, whose life is inextricably affected by a love story with a dire ending. A red-haired woman is enough to alter the young man’s life forever, expressing how sense of fear, disappointment, and a broken heart can change someone’s life drastically.

Gerçek Hesap Bu!

Popular Turkish actor Neja İşler took on the role of writer for this book about his personal life. From his childhood to his first love and the country’s political instability to his deep passion for football, this book allows fans of İşler get to know him on a whole other level.