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What They’re Listening To In Turkey This Fall
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What They’re Listening To In Turkey This Fall

Picture of Feride Yalav-Heckeroth
Updated: 5 October 2016
When it comes to music, Turkey is all about its own artists. From Turkish classical music to the more younger beats of Turkish pop, we rounded up the most popular albums this season.

Koray Avcı: Sonra Dersin Ki

Koray Avcı began his career singing on the streets of his hometown Ankara. It was only when his performances garnered him a following on YouTube that he could begin performing concerts, later putting together his own album. Just like his first work, his second album has also remained on the bestseller list.

Erol Evgin: Altın Düetler

One of the icons of classic Turkish music, Erol Evgin has released 12 albums since 1977, never falling from the charts. This album is a golden collection of duets with some of Turkey’s most important artists such as Sezen Aksu, Candan Erçetin and Emel Sayın.

Alpay Ünyaylar: Piyano & Ney

A master of Turkish folk music, Alpay Ünyaylar previously dabbled with the genre of ‘Jazz Turca’, where his piano skills came together with traditional Turkish instruments. In this album, the piano and ney (Turkish reed flute) come together for a unique sound.

Tarkan: Ahde Vefa

Not much needs to be said about Turkey’s most famous pop star, Tarkan, who has sold more than 29 millions albums. With an effect on his fans comparable to that of Elvis Presley, this Turkish pop icon’s latest album is, of course, once again on the bestseller list. In this album, Tarkan takes on a more classical Turkish music approach, rather than his usual pop sound.

Sıla: Mürekkep

One of this generation’s strong female voices, Sıla has maintained her popularity with her ever-changing aesthetic and strong lyrics. Her first single Dan Sonra spent 3 months at number one on Turkey’s charts and her latest album is another bestseller.

Zeki Müren: Zirvedeki Şarkılar

An absolute icon of Turkish classical music, Zeki Müren’s music has spanned the generations, remaining close to the hearts of Turks at every age. With his signature style comparable to Liberace, this posthumous collection of chart topping songs is a good introduction to Müren’s more than 25 albums.

Kalben: Kalben

One of the youngest artists to be on the bestseller list, Kalben’s soulful voice moves her audience alongside her poignant lyrics. A girl with glasses and a guitar, the artist has made quite the name for herself in quite the short amount of time, even giving a Sofar Sounds concert in Istanbul.

Mustafa Sandal: Dön Dünya

Another Turkish pop music icon, whenever an old Mustafa Sandal song comes on you’ll be sure that every person at the bar knows the lyrics and will be more than happy to loudly sing along. That being said, Sandal’s work is always a bestseller because his songs hold so many memories for his listeners.