These Instagrammers Have Captured Ankara's Spirit Perfectly

Ankara | © Jorge Franganillo/Flickr
Ankara | © Jorge Franganillo/Flickr

With its many monuments, lively neighborhoods, and parks, a great way to see Ankara is through the eyes of locals whose Instagram accounts show the city from all its angles, capturing the changing seasons. Here are some of our favorites.

Kuğulu Park in Tunalı is one of the best places to read a book and look out over the small man-made lake.

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When the weather is rainy and gray, the colors of Ankara’s houses, as well as the mosque minarets, contrast beautifully.

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Ankara’s simit sellers are famous for carrying the sesame covered pastries on their heads for hours.

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In the spring the city’s parks are full of blooming flowers that sometimes obstruct the view (of Atakule).

The Ankara Castle looks out over Ankara’s old city, where renovated Ottoman style houses speak of the past.

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Just like Istanbul, Ankara’s adorable cats can be found all over the city, looking like they own the place!

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The stunning Victory Monument in Ulus Square was designed by Austrian sculptor Heinrich Krippel in 1927.

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The beautiful Güven Anıtı in Güvenpark was created by Austrian sculptors Anton Hanak and Joseph Thorak in 1935.

Looking out over the snow covered trees, Anıtkabir (the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk) is even more striking.

The Kızılay neighborhood is always lively, especially when there’s a celebration on the streets.

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When the New Year rolls around the whole city is decorated with lights that stand out in the snow.

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Ankara’s Gençlik Parkı (Youth Park) has been around since 1943, it’s a nostalgic place for many locals.

In the winter, the city’s many trees turn completely white as they carry the weight of the season’s heavy snowfalls.

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Ankara is full of romance when there’s a beautiful sunset over the city.

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One of the city’s many striking architectural features, the İş Bankası building in Ulus was built in 1929 by Giulio Mongeri.

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