The Top 10 Things To Do And See In Konya

Photo of Ayse Huseyin
9 February 2017

Of the many cities in Turkey that take a great pride in the heritage or the nation, Konya is among the finest. Here, as well as the wealth of amenities that make Konya such a popular tourist destination, there are countless monuments, museums, and historical sites of interest that will give every tourist a captivating glimpse into the past.

Mevlana Museum, Konya | © Островский Александр, Киев/Wikicommons

Mevlana Museum

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Mevlana Museum
Mevlana Museum | © Niels Elgaard Larsen/Wikimedia Commons
From the moment you see the striking green tower roof trimmed with intricate Arabic inscriptions, you know you’re in for a treat at the Mevlana Museum. The museum’s mot notable exhibit is the tomb of Rumi, Islamic scholar and poet from the 13th century. The museum houses an extensive array of art pieces, relics and antiques as well as decorated with passages of Rumi’s timeless poetry. This museum makes a perfect first step on the path of learning about Turkey’s fascinating culture.

Mevlana Whirling Dervishes

It is an image that has become synonymous with Turkey, its culture and Middle-Eastern mysticism. You will be treated to the poignant and captivating sight of skilled Turkish Dervishes hypnotically spinning in deep prayer, a display staged in worship and benevolence of Allah. The ceremony which has long been performed for awed spectators, shows groups of men whirling for a quarter of an hour in a trance like state to the sound of ululating, sonorous, Islamic hymns. For an authentic glimpse into Turkey’s cultural and spiritual past, this spectacle is not to be missed.

Mevlana Whirling Dervishes, Cimenlik mah. AslanlI KIsla cad. Karatay |Mevlana CulturalCenter, Konya, Turkey, +90 332 352 81 11

Aziziye Mosque

Everything about the décor of Aziziye Mosque is indicative of the intricate beauty that Ottoman Art has become renowned for. The interior and exterior are similarly beautiful in shades of green blue and gold. Additionally, there is a beautiful bazaar outside and so you can happily stay a while, soaking up authentic culture and perhaps even finding a one of a kind keepsake.

Aziziye Mosque, Konya Merkez Carsi, Konya, Turkey

Sehitler Abidesi

This monument is predominantly a tribute to the Çanakkale war. Through the use of murals, placards and miniature figurines, the story of the conflict and life during this period is told. There is also a marble structure that houses beautiful mosaics that should not be missed. This is one of the many tributes to conflict to be found in Turkey and serves as a poignant reminder to those who visit, of the cost of war.

Sehitler Abidesi, 17900 Eceabat/Çanakkale, Turkey

Alaeddin Hill

This hill serves as Konya’s favorite chill-out spot for locals, students and tourists alike. There are many tea-houses nearby and so don’t hesitate to sample traditional Turkish tea or coffee with a pastry and watch the world go by. It’s a very scenic spot and often filled with flowers. For a break from the adventure seeking or for a lazy afternoon, this is definitely the spot for you.

Konya Archaeological Museum

Set in a small and ornate building, poetically covered in vines, you can walk among centuries of historical legacy at the Konya Archaeological Museum. From statues, to pottery to random relics beautiful preserved, the museum has it all. However, their collection of sarcophagi from the Roman Empire are especially favored and popular so for an exquisite glance into the past, this museum cannot be missed.

Konya Archaeological Museum, Sahibi Ata Cad. 91, Konya, Turkey, +90 332 351 3207

Karatay Medresesi Museum

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Though not the largest museum, it is certainly a study in great things coming in smaller packages. The tile work inside is intricate and beautiful demonstrating a real craftsmanship. The ceramics and artifacts collection is well presented and not overcrowded so that each piece may be thoroughly examined and appreciated. This museum is a key resource in discovering more about Anatolian history.

Konya Science Centre

From historical to scientific, the Konya Science Centre is a fascinating and interactive experience unlike any other for you and everyone in your group to enjoy! There are many hands on exhibits for you to learn and play with movies and even a planetarium. A significant exhibit would be the one on earthquakes, teaching basic safety procedure and educating on the impacts, as Turkey has been kit with several extreme earthquakes in the past.

Ataturk House Museum

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Ataturk | © Segafredo18/WikiCommons
This is an important site not only to Konya but throughout Turkey. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is a legendary historical figure in Turkey for being an army general, revolutionary and the eventual first president of Turkey. This house contains many of his personal items and attracts many people from across the country and world.


This is an excellent stop for a quick visit! If you like your history bite-sized, this is the place for you. A Caravanserai is described as an inn with a central courtyard and this one is especially well preserved in the old style in which it was built. This is great for people who chance upon it or those who seek it out especially. Marvel at the typical ancient Turkish architecture and it’s middle-of-nowhere location that would have made is an oasis for every passing traveler.