The Most Fascinating Sights in Sinop, Turkey

Hamsilos Sinop | © 	Kayhan ERTUGRUL / WikiCommons
Hamsilos Sinop | © Kayhan ERTUGRUL / WikiCommons
Located on the northern edge of the Black Sea, Sinop is the capital of the Sinop province as well as a historic port city. Apart from its stunning historical sights, including the famous Sinop Prison, there are also plenty of natural wonders, from waterfalls to beaches, and much more.

Tarihi Sinop Cezaevi

The Historic Sinop Fortress Prison is a state prison-turned-museum within Sinop city and is one of the oldest jails in Turkey. Established in 1887 inside a fortress that was built approximately in the 7th century BC, when Sinop was a Greek colony, a stone masonry jail was added in 1887, with 28 halls on two floors as well as a Turkish bath for prisoners. Famous for having hosted many important Turkish intellectuals, the prison became a museum in 1999.

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Erfelek Tatlıca Şelalesi

One of Sinop’s most famous natural wonders, the Tatlıca Şelalesi is a gorgeous set of 29 waterfalls that flow into a turquoise lake surrounded by lush greenery. Not only a captivating sight, but the lake is also a great place to go for a swim in the summer, and the surrounding camping grounds also make accommodation possible.

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Known as Sinop’s most beautiful and hidden lake, Akgöl has gorgeous surroundings in the form of an evergreen fir tree forest, which is reflected on the water’s surface. Beautiful in every season (covered under white snow in the winter or inhabited by wild flowers in the spring), you can take a very serene walk by the water or have a picnic.

Hamsilos Koyu

Reminiscent of a fjord, the beautiful Hamsilos Bay is one of the most beautiful convergences of blue and green. Quite remote and most easily accessed by boat or on foot, the cove has beautiful turquoise waters surrounded by thick forests.

Hamsilos © Kerim ARLI/Flickr

Pervane Medrese

Pervane, the ruler of Sinop under the Seljuk Empire, built this historic madrasa (Islamic school) in 1265. After the replacement of madrasas by modern schools during the Turkish Republic, Pervane was closed, but it became a museum in 1941. By 2002, the impressive structure morphed into a lovely souvenir shop bazaar.

Pervane Medrese,

Karakum Plajı

About a 10-minute drive from Sinop’s city center, the Karakum Beach is one of the most popular places to go for a swim in the beautiful sea and relax on the many loungers under the shadow of an umbrella. The beach gets its name from the distinctly black sand that covers the beach.

İnceburun Feneri

The beautiful Inceburun Lighthouse continues to shine its light from the coast of the Black Sea and is quite the off-the-beaten-path sight in Sinop. The 12-meter (39.4-foot) lighthouse, built in 1863, in all white continues to be a family affair, operated by the fifth generation of the same family.

İnceburun Feneri, 57000 Sarıkum Köyü/Sinop Merkez/Sinop Province, Turkey

Akliman Kumsalı

A lovely beach that’s more suitable for nature lovers, Akliman Beach sits right between forest and water, creating a beach experience that’s quite unique and utterly peaceful. A public locale with no services, you’ll have to bring your own towels and food for a day at this very natural destination.

Sinop Arkeoloji Müzesi

The Sinop Archeological Museum was established in 1970 after artifacts were found at different locations around the city as well as a tomb from the Seljuk era and the ruins of a Serapeum (temple dedicated to the deity Serapis).