The Most Beautiful Hikes in Turkey

Fethiye | © Klim Levene/Flickr
Fethiye | © Klim Levene/Flickr
With its ever-changing landscape that includes everything from hidden beaches to alpine pastures, hiking in Turkey is a fantastic experience for nature and history lovers alike. Check out some of the best trails that traverse the country’s most beautiful areas.

Lycian Trail

Certainly one of the most well-known hiking trails in Turkey, the Lycian Trail is about 509 km and stretched from Fethiye to Antalya. There are plenty of stops to make on the way, such as Patara Beach, the natural beaches of Kaş, the historic ruins of Olympos and much more. The trail has plenty of accommodation opportunities for those who would rather not camp the entire time as it is definitely an arduous accomplishment with steep inclines that are rewarded by amazing views of the sea.

Kaçkar Mountains

One of the most popular mountain ranges in Turkey, Kaçkar is located between Çamlıhemşin and Yusufeli in the country’s Black Sea region. The many trails traverse the mountain range where alpine pastures are full of wildflowers and sheepherders are out with their flock. Its altitude can reach as far as 4, 000 m, but novice hikers can opt for traversing traditional villages at lower altitudes, especially in summer when the pasture is exceptionally green and beautiful.

Kaçkar Mountains © Internauten Basis/Flickr

Yenice Forest Trail

One of the newer hiking trails in Turkey, this trail makes full use of all of the natural beauty contained within the Yenice Forest. With its many varieties of trees that sprout from the undulating landscape interjected by beautiful canyons, this particular trail is for nature lovers who are also fond of biking and horseback riding. The forest can easily be reached from major cities, such as Istanbul and Ankara, and it is also quite close to Safranbolu, which is famous for its well-preserved Ottoman era houses.

Saint Paul Trail

This amazing trail, which was used by Saint Paul during his first journey through Asia Minor, runs all along the paths of the spectacular Taurus Mountains. Stretching about 500 km, from the ancient site of Perge and Aspendos in Antalya and Yalvaç in the Isparta province, the trail takes around 27 days to complete and is full of rural villages and resplendent nature.

Aspendos Theater © zolakoma/Flickr

Via Egnatia

Once the road that connected the western and eastern parts of the Roman Empire, the Via Egnatia stretches from Albania (specifically, the town of Durres) and goes through Macedonia, Northern Greece and Turkey, with its final destination being Istanbul. Once used as both a military and trading road, nowadays, the trail is an excellent walking path that goes through valleys and past lakes, seasides, villages and cities. History enthusiasts will also appreciate that several of the old roads have managed to survive in some parts.