The Best Places to Visit in Turkey During Fall

Mersin | © furken EMIR/Flickr
Mersin | © furken EMIR/Flickr
Autumn (September through November) is the perfect time to visit Turkey because the high season has come to an end and swimming is still possible until mid-October. From serene beaches to beautiful forests where the leaves are turning yellow, check out the best spots for a very relaxed vacation.


Usually a tourist hotspot, in the fall, Fethiye becomes a more laidback destination with more locals than tourists. Hire a car and take a road trip from Göcek to Kaş to discover all the beautiful Aegean coves and historic sights such as Kalkan, Kabak, Patara, Xanthos, Letoon, Dalyan, and Kaunos. If you’re more on the active side, hike the famous Lycian Trail during the Fall’s moderate temperatures.

Kabak © Chris Parfitt/Flickr


You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another world when you spend a few days among the ancient stone houses of Mardin’s old town. In autumn you won’t likely come across any tourists and can really take in the local culture including the amazing local cuisine.

Mardin © world wide/Flickr


September is the perfect time to visit Bozcaada because of grape harvesting at the island’s famous vineyards. The island is also devoid of its usual summer energy and becomes a serene destination in the fall where you can dine on excellent Aegean cuisine.

Bozcaada © Paul/Flickr


Much overlooked, Mersin is actually surrounded by more than 108km of natural beaches, which mean there are plenty of remote beaches to discover. Mersin is also famous for its many historic sights including the Alahan Monastery, Maiden Castle, Caves of Heaven and Hell, Soli Pompeipolis, Adamkayalar, Kanlıdivane, Anemurium Antique City and Cleopatra’s Gate.

Maiden's Castle, Mersin © Alan Priest/Flickr


A definite stop for history enthusiasts, the old village of Behramkale and the 3,000-year-old town of Assos transports visitors to another section in time. Enjoy the local Aegean cuisine and explore the historic ruins.

Assos © risastla/Flickr


The beautiful island of Cunda is exceptionally calm come September and is a great place for couples to enjoy some alone time. Check into one of the many boutique hotels set within renovated historic stone houses and enjoy amazing Aegean cuisine made with the famous local olive oil.

Cunda © SaltOnline/Flickr


One of Turkey’s most popular tourists destinations becomes very serene in the fall, especially when the season’s colors really highlight the mystical fairy chimneys. Make sure to book an air balloon ride to really take in the view before you explore the area with a rewarding hike or bike tour.

Cappadocia © LWYang/Flickr


Turkey’s Black Sea region is known for its stunning natural landscapes and in the fall it’s exceptionally beautiful. Gaze at the Kaçkar mountains from one of Artvin’s many mountain villages and make sure to get active and hike around the province.

Artvin © Paul/Flickr


One of the Muğla province’s most untouched areas, Datça is for nature lovers and in the fall it is especially calm. Go swimming at one of the many remote beaches, wander through Datça’s beautiful old town, and back in inner peace.

Datça © Yilmaz Oevuenc/Flickr


Turkey’s largest island is one of the best places to really get away from it all, especially in the fall when the tourists are gone. Get lost among the historic villages, go swimming at one of the many beaches, and enjoy some exceptional food while you enjoy the last days of warm weather.

Gökçeada © Mehmet Ergun/Flickr