The Best Places to Go Surfing in Turkey

Surfing | © mottovation / Pixabay
Surfing | © mottovation / Pixabay

Even though Turkey is not particularly famous for its surfing culture, there are a few spots where surfers and water sports lovers can really enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean or the wilder waves of the Black Sea. Check out the best spots before booking your Turkey surfing trip.


One of Turkey’s most popular spots for surfing, this tourist town located in southern Turkey is perfect during the off-season, from December until April. With around 20 days ideal for surfing per month, the weather in Alanya is also quite pleasant with temperatures at around 18° Celsius (64°F) and the water temperature around 18–21° Celsius (64–70°F). Some of the best beaches in Alanya for surfing are Damlataş and Keykubat, with waves that are perfect for beginners as well as experts. The average height of waves in Alanya range between two and 12 feet (up to 3.6 meters), and because it’s the off-season, beaches are mostly uninhabited and peaceful.

Alanya, Turkey

Black Sea

One of the best places to surf the Black Sea waves is actually (and surprisingly) just outside Istanbul. The Black Sea coast around Rumeli Feneri is one of the best places to go surfing due to the more than 600-mile-long (965.6 kilometers) coastline which produces some great waves. It’s also here that many locals go body surfing, a local tradition, so you’ll have to share the waves with these enthusiastic wave riders during the warmer months. While you’re in Istanbul, also make sure to contact Surf School Istanbul, run by some of Turkey’s best surfers, where you can take classes and also get information about the best spots to go surfing around the country. We’ve heard that these Turkish surfing pioneers are also quite active at Suma Beach in Kilyos, another great place to go surfing, about an hour drive outside of Istanbul.

Black Sea, Rumeli Feneri, Turkey


Another great spot on the Black Sea coast, Kerpe is a small touristic town with beautiful rocky coves and turquoise waters. Great for surfing year-round, Kerpe is also where you’ll find the Danube Surf House & Academy a surfer-friendly hotel with single and group lessons at Kerpe’s best surfing spots. The academy also hosts surf camps for two to three days, including surfing equipment, lessons, workouts, and hostel accommodation. If you’d rather just visit Kerpe on your own but are in need of surfing equipment, Danube has a shop where you can rent all kinds of surfing boards and seasonal wetsuits.

Kerpe, Turkey


Due to the strong winds in certain areas of Turkey, windsurfing and kitesurfing have also become very popular sports in the summer. Alaçatı is definitely the most popular place for windsurfing and kitesurfing, with professional competitions held regularly in this small coastal town known for its historic stone houses and windmills. Other great places for riding the Turkish wind are the island of Gökçeada, Akyarlar near Bodrum, and Akyaka in Muğla.

Alaçatı | © David Broad/Wikimedia Commons

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