The Best Jogging Spots In Izmir, Turkey

Kordon, Izmir | © Jeanne Günesoglu/Flickr
Kordon, Izmir | © Jeanne Günesoglu/Flickr
With only around 80 days of rain per year, Izmir is a paradise for runners who can gaze over the Aegean as they burn off some calories for the summer. From great waterfront promenades, where the city meets the sea, to city parks, here are some of the best places to go for a run in Izmir.


Izmir’s famous promenade is not only popular because of its bars, cafes, and restaurants but also due to the great running and walking path that stretches 5-6km. Beginning at the Konak pier you can run all the way to the Alsancak train station and not only enjoy the great sea view (including that perfect summer breeze) but also do a bit of sightseeing as you pass through a few of the city’s iconic squares.

Kordon, Izmir (Konak Iskelesi to Alsancak Tren Garı)

Karşıyaka Waterfront

Across from Kordon, you’ll find the Karşıyaka neighborhood (which literally translates to ‘the opposite shore’) where a second promenade also makes for a great runner’s course. You’ll see a lot of people walking and running from the Mavişehir waterfront to the Karşıyaka port, a path that is set entirely by the sea without any cars to disturb your rhythm.

Karşıyaka, Izmir (Mavişehir to Karşıyaka İskelesi)


A favorite among Izmir locals, Kültürpark may be situated in the city but it’s far removed from the often chaotic urban fabric. The walking/running path under the trees is quiet and serene and at the end of your run you can do your stretching exercises on the beautiful green grass. The park also features the Atatürk Açık Hava Tiyatrosu (Atatürk Open Air Theater) where live music, ballet, modern dance, and theater performances frequently grace the stage. Maybe your run will be accompanied by some great live music.

Kültürpark, Izmir

Güzelyalı Waterfront

Further down from Kordon, the Güzelyalı neighborhood also has its own waterfront promenade where people love to take a stroll, run, or ride their bikes. You’ll also see a lot of people fishing as you run by next to the beautiful Aegean. You can start at the Üçkuyular Ferry Port and continue to the Sabancı Culture Center, and if you’re up for a real workout continue on to the Alsancak Ferry Port.

Güzelyalı, Izmir (Üçkuyular İskelesi to Sabancı Kültür Merkezi)

Inciraltı Kent Ormanı

One of the lesser known green spaces in Izmir, the Inciraltı Kent Ormanı may be a city park but it’s quite a serene and green area right by the seaside. Running, walking, or biking beneath the trees with the sound of the waves nearby is a pretty amazing experience given that you’re still in the city. When you’re done with your run, walk down to the beach and collect some seashells in this unique park that Izmir locals like to call ‘cennet bahçesi’ (heavenly garden).

Inciraltı Kent Ormanı, Izmir