The Best Design Furniture Stores In Istanbul

Hamm | © Feride Yalav
Even though Istanbul is still known for Ottoman pomp when it comes to aesthetics, local designers have moved far away from the lavish and focused on a more minimal approach to decoration. You will find many stores that prefer the use of natural wood and textiles for a result that expresses a Scandinavian influence. Here are some popular furniture stores that will make you daydream about redesigning your own living spaces.


Hidden away on the right side entrance of the French Passage in Karaköy, there is something very German about 333km. Founded by designer Deniz Duru, the very minimal showroom and design studio focuses on functionality and ergonomic design, with examples being a coarse linen sofa in dark green, a rectangular solid wood sideboard for drinks, or wireless lights with a solid wood base.

333km, Kemankeş Caddesi, Fransız Geçidi İş Merkezi No.53/C4, Karaköy, Istanbul, Turkey, +90 212 249 72 54

A view from our showroom

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Traditional handiwork and modern design come together at Hamm, a truly fantastic home design store that has grown immensely over the years. Their original store and showroom in Çukurcuma is brimming with the beauty of natural wood heightened with a more innovative aesthetic. You’ll find smooth wooden tables with Carrara marble tops, sofas with mixed color palettes, and brass attachable lighting fixtures as well as accessories such as fine ceramics and asymmetric cutting boards from local designers.
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Stoa Design

Courtesy of Stoa Design
Courtesy of Stoa Design
Designer Tardu Kuman worked on a jewelry collection in Paris and repurposed metal and wood materials into art objects in Athens before he opened a store in Istanbul. At Stoa, the focus is on wood, like oak and walnut, with furniture that pays respect to its natural hues and curves while still exuding complete originality in its utter simplicity. Working with the mortise and tenon technique, Kuman doesn’t use adhesives but relies on the structures to hold each other together naturally.
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Dank! Design

A one-stop shop for special design needs, Dank! Design has a wide selection of unique furniture and home accessories that you will want to browse for a while. Located on two floors in a loft, new or secondhand furniture by local and international designers exude both contemporary and classic aesthetics. If you are a bit overwhelmed by the choices, Dank also provides interior design services that should take the weight off of your shoulders.
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