The Best Beaches in Çeşme: Izmir's Popular Resort Town

Çeşme | © Bir_Ege_Hikayesi / WikiCommons
Çeşme | © Bir_Ege_Hikayesi / WikiCommons

About an hour’s drive away from Izmir’s city center, the beach town of Çeşme has become one of the most popular summer spots in Turkey. When the weather gets warm, young people from Izmir flock to the many beaches, and it’s no surprise since Çeşme offers some of the Aegean’s best stretches of sand and water.

Ilıca Plajı

Ilıca Beach is a two-kilometer (1.2-mile) stretch of white sand and blue water with plenty of accommodation options. Ilıca has also become famous for its thermal springs, some of which are right in the sea, and attracts visitors who are fond of natural beauty cures. The nearby mud baths are also a plus, as well as the possibility for windsurfing due to the perfect wind conditions.

Ilıca Plajı, Çeşme, Turkey

Pırlanta Plajı

One of the best spots for surfers, Pırlanta Plajı (Diamond Beach) always has plenty of waves and wind. Located approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from Çeşme center in Çiftlikköydedir and with a name inspired by its glistening sand, Pırlanta is also a preferred destination for windsurfers and kite surfers. The fact that you can walk on the sand base for approximately 250 meters (820 feet) when you enter the water is also pretty great.

Pırlanta Plajı, Çeşme, Turkey

Altınkum Plajı

With a name that translates into “Golden Sand,” you can imagine how lovely the sand really is at this beautiful beach, located approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from Çeşme center. Cut off from the northern winds, Altınkum faces the open sea, and the water, therefore, has a lower temperature compared to other Çeşme beaches. However, when the temperatures are high, a dip in the cold water is refreshing.

Altınkum Plajı, Çeşme, Turkey

Mavi Koy

Also known as “aquarium,” due to its crystal clear waters, Mavı Koy is a perfect place to observe the underwater life from the surface. Of course, you must jump into the water to really enjoy the turquoise cove that is accessible by boat tours only. You can book a tour with a company like Poseidon, which travels from Çeşme to the Mavı Koy as well as the Eşek and Makri islands.

Mavi Koy, Çeşme, Turkey

Boyalık Plajı

Comparable to Ilıca’s beautiful white sands, Boyalık also stretches two kilometers (1.2 miles) but has a more natural and serene atmosphere. The calm winds and quiet surroundings are a perfect getaway from Çeşme’s more rowdy beach clubs. Speaking of rowdy, neighboring Ayayorgi Koyu Beach also happens to be in the vicinity, in case all that serenity has left you yearning for beach clubs and water sports.

Boyalık Plajı, Çeşme, Turkey

Ayayorgi Koyu

The Ayayorgi cove is Çeşme’s most popular area for entertainment in various summer formats. Here you can find numerous beach clubs with sunset beach parties as well as plenty of grassy areas where you can lie around and work on your tan. Of course, there are also sections that are family-friendly and quieter, for the non-partiers among us.

Ayayorgi Koyu, Çeşme, Turkey

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