The Best Restaurants In Batman, Turkey

Baklava | © Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin/Flickr
Baklava | © Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin/Flickr
Photo of Helen Armitage
9 February 2017

The Turkish city of Batman has a small, but nonetheless tempting dining scene offering foodies the chance to try everything from traditional kebab recipes to authentic desserts. Here’s a round-up of Batman’s best restaurants.

Çömçe Et Lokantası

Since opening its doors back in 1986, Çömçe Et Lokantası has been one of Batman’s most consistently raved-about restaurants. Considering its carnivore-centric menu, there’s no better place for meat lovers to dine locally. Start with a bowl of hearty and traditional Turkish soup like ezogelin (a spicy broth made with bulgur wheat and red lentils) followed by main courses including Adana kebabs, lahmacun and pirzola (Middle Eastern-style lamb chops). Finish off with a deliciously classical Turkish dessert of künefe, a cheese-based pastry topped with ground pistachio nuts.

Çömçe Et Lokantası, Diyarbakır Cadessi 32, Merkez, Batman, Turkey, +90 488 213 1776

Yeşil Vadi Café & Restoran

One of the local dining scene’s most recent additions, Yeşil Vadi Café & Restoran has welcomed a steady stream of guests with its delicious local cuisine since it opened. Head to Yeşil Vadi Café & Restoran’s lovely rooftop level and grab one of its comfy, colorful seats. Try dishes like Russian salad, çiğ köfte (a recipe of raw meat, bulgur and spices also popular in Armenian cuisine) and iç pilav (chicken liver pilaf) while taking in spectacular, panoramic views out over the city. It’s a local entertainment hotspot too, with regular live music gigs in addition to its tasty food.

Yeşil Vadi Café & Restoran, Gap Mahallesi, Turgut Özal Bulvarı, Kevser İş Mrk. Kat: 8, Batman, Turkey, +90 488 215 1594

Petrol Café

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Set among gorgeous, green gardens, Petrol Café is a chic, tranquil respite from the bustling streets of Batman. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A wide range of savory fare is served from içli köfte (bulgur stuffed with ground meat, nuts and spices) and böreği to Iskender kebab and döner wraps alongside breads, breakfast eats and a new signature fish dish introduced each Monday. There’s plenty to satisfy a sweet tooth too: cakes, sweets and pastries including homemade cookies and baklava. Fresh fruit is also on offer for the health conscious diner.

Yavuzlar Pastanesi

Yavuzlar Pastanesi’s locale on Batman’s busy Turgut Özal Bulvari has been open since 2006, but the company dates back much further to 1968. In its 50-year history the venue has become one of the city’s best loved patisseries. Originally just offering simit (a Turkish bread similar to a bagel) and poğaça (a focaccia-like bread also eaten in Hungary and the Balkans), Yavuzlar Pastanesi has since expanded its menu. It now includes a whole host of other tasty food like profiteroles, baklava and keşkül – a Turkish milk pudding flavored with almond and topped with coconut and pistachio.

Yavuzlar Pastanesi, Turgut Özal Bulvari 289, Batman, Turkey, +90 488 231 4583

Kent Café

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Opened in 2011, Kent Café is a popular Batman spot serving a range of Turkish and international fare. It contains a pretty garden decked out with comfy sofas ideal for a spot of al fresco dining. Go early and dine on breakfast dishe like omelets and menemen (a popular Turkish breakfast recipe of eggs, tomatoes, peppers and spices). Or, go later for lunch or dinner and dine on traditional Turkish meat and fish dishes including grilled chicken, anchovies, Adana kebabs and sea bass. Alternatively, opt for one of Kent Café’s more casual dishes like pizza or hamburger.

Saray Gülü Café

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A gorgeous space with chandeliers, sumptuous velvet armchairs and a chic gold, red and pink theme, it’s no wonder how Saray Gülü Café – whose names translates as ‘Rose Palace’ – got its name. Part restaurant and part bakery, the cafe serves a menu of Turkish and international food perfect for an early morning, afternoon or evening meal. The options here include omelets, pide, sandwiches and kebabs. The confectionery side of the venue offers guests sweet treats like pastries including pistachio or walnut baklava and a range of chocolates in flavors like orange or hazelnut.


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A modern and stylish addition to Batman’s restaurant scene, LUQQA Café opened its doors in late 2013 and serves an eclectic mix of international and European inspired dishes. Fare like pancakes, waffles and omelets make the perfect breakfast. For that much needed morning caffeine kick, LUQQA Café’s range of coffees – espresso con panna, caffe mocha and flat whites included – are ideal. For lunch and dinner, the cafe’s menu offers casual food like sandwiches, salads and burgers alongside pasta, steaks and Turkish dishes. Follow this with a choice of tempting desserts and ice creams.