Inspiring Home Décor Ideas From Ankara, Turkey

Samanpazarı | © Ankara'dan / Flickr
Samanpazarı | © Ankara'dan / Flickr
From antiques to a more modern aesthetic, Ankara has plenty of great home décor stores and finds in both its old town and city center. Check out some of the best places to add a traditional Turkish or unique modern touch to your home.

Vakko Home

One of Turkey’s leading luxury brands, Vakko has been around since 1934 and currently produces high-quality textile and leather goods and accessories for both men and women. Vakko’s home section is also a great place to find unique pieces that are both modern and inspired by traditional Turkish motifs. Bedding, towels and bathrobes, tablecloths, kitchen accessories (their Turkish coffee cups are fantastic), and decorative objects all give off an air of sophistication and elegance.

Vakko Home, Gaziosmanpaşa Mahallesi, Arjantin Cd. No:2, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 466 10 81

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The most popular store for home items made of glass, Paşabahçe has both classic and modern items that are perfect for every home. Whether you’re looking for Turkish tea glasses or Turkish coffee sets, vases or wine glasses, Paşabahçe has everything possible that is made from glass. The brand’s special collections are also stunning, including ornate objects inspired by the Ottoman and Anatolian Empires as well as İznik and Beykoz motifs.
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Madame Coco

One of the best places to find 100% cotton towels and bedding made in Turkey at very affordable prices, Madame Coco is always filled with Turkish housewives who are stocking up on quality home items at often discounted prices. Coco’s bathrobes and peştemal (thin hamam towels) are also a favorite, often featuring floral prints and very light pastel colors.

Madame Coco, Kızılay Mah., Atatürk Bulvarı 96/2, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 553 406 04 06


Ankara’s old town is a great place to wander around and explore shops that sell traditional handicrafts, carpets, antiques, and much more. The many stores that sit on the ground floor of old Ottoman homes all have their wares on display outside, and you’ll find everything you’re looking for in terms of home decoration that is truly traditionally Turkish, handmade, and authentic. One of Culture Trip’s favorite places is the Pirinç Han, where you can find plenty of great antique and vintage items to add some Turkish history to your home. Also, make sure to check out the many copper shops where you’ll find traditional Turkish items made of pure copper, such as the Ottoman-style güğüm (water jug), Turkish coffee pots, and hand-ornamented circular trays.

Samanpazarı/Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu, Altındağ, Ankara, Turkey

Beymen Home

Beymen, Turkey’s other luxury brand, not only produces its own line of clothing, shoes, and accessories, but it is also one of the best places to find items from renowned international designers. Their home section is just as luxurious with decorative items, tableware, bathroom accessories, home textiles, and office supplies that all exude a unique sophistication. The 100% cotton bedding from Etro Home, with beautiful ethnic patterns, are a favorite.

Beymen Home, Tahran Caddesi No:2, Kavaklıdere, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 457 68 00