Food Blogs To Follow From Istanbul Before You Visit

Turkish Food | © KayaZaKi/Wikimedia Commons
Turkish Food | © KayaZaKi/Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Feride Yalav-Heckeroth
24 January 2017

Istanbul’s food scene is a wide and varied edible landscape, so it’s no wonder that many have made it their business (and passion) to explore the rich cuisine that ranges from traditional to modern with everything in between. We have selected the best food blogs to give you a good idea about the city’s food and restaurant scene before you visit.

Istanbul Eats

Certainly one of Istanbul’s most popular food blogs, Istanbul Eats has been ‘eating their way through Istanbul,’ for more than 12 years according to their website. Focusing on smaller eateries on the city’s backstreets where the real grub is to be found, the team wants to bring people away from the guidebook route and really dig into some genuine Turkish food with Balkan, Caucasian, and Middle Eastern influences. Istanbul Eats also organizes Culinary Walks including Culinary Backstreets of the Bazaar Quarter, Exploring Three Distinct Waterside Neighbourhoods, Hidden Beyoğlu, and Kebab Crawl (to name just a few).

Screenshot of Istanbul Eats

Istanbul Food

Another great blog that focuses on Istanbul’s culinary life, Istanbul Food entices with its beautiful photography showcasing some of their best finds from all around the city. From the best street food to the story of yogurt fermentation, the blog loves food in all its shapes and forms. This blog also stands out because of its food-themed travel stories, meaning that you’ll also get to read stories about, for example, cheese production in a remote village in the East of Turkey. Istanbul Food also offers food tours by neighbourhood as well as customisable tours according to your preferences. We also love the ‘Sorry, But No…’ section that lets you know which restaurants to avoid.

Screenshot of Istanbul Food

Almost Turkish Recipes

If all those food blogs have inspired you to make Turkish food at home, this particular blog should help you get your bearings in terms of recipes. Established by a Turkish food enthusiast who resides in California, Almost Turkish Recipes has both traditional and Turkish-inspired recipes that are bound to make you an instant fan. Tried, tested, and photographed by the author herself, you’ll be sure that every recipe is foolproof and totally delicious. There’s lots to choose from, including Green Pea Stew with Beef, Börek with Cheese, Leek Cake, and Stuffed Courgette Flowers (just to name a few).

Screenshot of Almost Turkish Recipes

The Guide Istanbul

Although The Guide Istanbul is not necessarily a blog, it is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to Istanbul’s restaurant scene (and everything else from shopping to lifestyle and more). Their restaurant reviews and signature Top 7 lists will let you know exactly where to eat, whether it’s a laid-back hole-in-the-wall venue with excellent dishes, or a brand new upscale venture that needs reservations way in advance. If all wasn’t enough, The Guide also has its own print magazine, lifestyle blog named Straitangle, and an online store.

Screenshot of The Guide Istanbul

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