Check out These Inspiring Decor Ideas From Istanbul

İznik Plate  | © Esther Westerveld/Flickr
İznik Plate | © Esther Westerveld/Flickr

There’s lots of inspiration to be found in Istanbul, a city rich with aesthetic diversity from its historic landmarks to the products of its youngest up and coming designers. You’re bound to want to take some of this Turkish beauty home, so here are some of the best home décor objects from Istanbul.

Ceramics at The Guide Shop

The Guide Istanbul magazine has been writing about the city for more than twenty years and definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to the most exclusive goods. The great news is that they now have an online store where they work with local designers and brands to bring you some of the most coveted items you won’t easily find elsewhere. We’re especially fond of their beautiful ceramics, handmade with İznik, Uzbek, or Beylik patterns; they are absolutely stunning.

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Carpets from Kirkit Istanbul

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In contrast to the usual Turkish carpet motifs you’ll find all over the Grand Bazaar, Kirkit Istanbul satisfies a more modern aesthetic with their Shade Rugs inspired by the spectrum of natural colors captured during the clearest of sunrises. Even better, Kirkit rugs are hand woven in Turkey according to traditional Anatolian methods by master weavers who only use 100% Anatolian sheeps wool and all natural dyes.

Bed linen from Tulu Textiles

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When you walk into the Tulu Textiles shop the urge to purchase everything you can get your hands on is pretty overwhelming. A very ethnic princess vibe is deeply embedded in their vibrant colors, floral patterns, and classic Anatolian designs. Our favorite, however, has to be the bed linen, which is bright and lovely and always hand printed on 100% percale cotton. The bed linen sets include a duvet cover, standard sham, euro sham, lumbar, decorative pillow, and bed skirt. Their hand printed and woven silk and cotton dupatta collection is also gorgeous.

Wooden home accessories from Amorf

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If you’re a nature lover and have a thing for natural wood in your home, you’ll definitely have to stop by Amorf when you’re in Istanbul. Filled wall-to-ceiling with handmade home accessories from the wood of olive and walnut trees, you’ll love the natural grooves and growth rings that have been beautifully preserved. Cutting boards, spoons, bowls, and other goodies are all perfectly smooth and a gorgeous addition to any home. Amorf’s owner Murat Aksoy also makes larger furniture like tables and bookcases to order, so make sure to have a little chat with him if you are after a new piece of furniture.

Antique finds from Sofa Art and Antiques

If you’ve been inspired by all that Istanbul history, you’ll want to check out Sofa Art and Antiques, also known as Sofa Galata, which is one of the best antique shops in the city. Located by the Grand Bazaar on the lovely Nuruosmaniye Street, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place when you see the antique marble fountain in the entrance. Browse through the maps, prints, calligraphy, paintings, rugs, silver objects, ceramics, and much more; you’ll be sure to find a few things that you’ll want to take home to remember your trip to the Turkish city.

Hacımimi Mahallesi, Serdar-ı Ekrem Sok. No:47, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey, +90 212 292 39 77

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Potted plants from Labofem

Succulents are all the rage at the moment, but Fem Güçlütürk was dealing with these plants long before they began popping up in every Scandinavian-inspired space. Working out of a repurposed motorcycle garage, Labofem is like a scene from a fairy tale. Succulents in colorful pots, cacti stretching toward the ceiling, tropical plants of all persuasions, and pretty little copper watering cans decorate the bright space, like a miniature jungle. If you don’t want Güçlütürk to help you turn your place into a mini-rainforest you can still take a couple of pretty succulents home to decorate your windowsill.

Akat Mahallesi, Selçuklar Sokak Hayran Apartmanı No.19, Akatlar, +90 212 352 37 46

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