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Courtesy of Cahide Müzikhol
Courtesy of Cahide Müzikhol
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Cahide Müzikhol: Istanbul's Grand Palace of Drag Queen Stardom

Picture of Feride Yalav-Heckeroth
Updated: 28 February 2018
Cahide has been Istanbul’s premier drag queen cabaret for many years and now that its second venue has opened, the sparkling glamour has been taken to a new level. Check out all the details of Cahide Müzikhol!

The iconic club where beautifully eccentric drag queen performances, dinner, and cocktails come together for unforgettable nights that last until the wee hours, Cahide has been an essential part of Istanbul’s nightlife scene. Now it’s second venue Cahide Müzikhol promises nights that remind one of The Great Gatbsy with a very apparent Turkish flavor. We’re talking about fire, hoop, and fabric dancing, cabaret, gogo dancers, laser shows, and a conical bra that spits fire from its tips. That sort of thing.

Courtesy of Cahide Müzikhol

Of course it’s also no surprise that the new venue was put together by business manager İzzet Çapa, a man whose projects are known for their colorfully exaggerated and kitschy interior design which just happen to perfectly reflect the magnificent whirlwind of performance that unfurls every night.

Guests are greeted by a unicorn at the door of Cahide Müzikhol and continue inside a venue that is very popular for birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Huge chandeliers, ornate columns, red carpet, and an aesthetic that mixes classic cabaret with modern touches, define the interior of the drag queen haven.

Courtesy of Cahide Müzikhol

And six days a week, the wild party unravels at Cahide Müzikhol, with performances and also concerts by famous Turkish artists such as Fatih Ürek, Muazzez Abacı, Candan Erçetin, and Emre Altuğ. As for Saturdays, the venue turns into one giant nightclub after midnight, with live DJ music, hard cocktails at the bar, and plenty of delicious food from the kitchen no matter the hour.

From the outside, the grand palace might seem like something quite phantasmagorical, but once you’re inside, you realize that it’s much more genuine than the real world, because inhibition and daily roles are left at the door, so that the purity of wild enjoyment can take over for nights that will not easily be forgotten.

Courtesy of Cahide Müzikhol

As for the venue’s original venue, Cahide has been around since 1994, quickly becoming a leading figure in Istanbul’s nightlife scene with nightly drag shows featuring a hostess comedian and cabaret performances. Downright avant garde, extravagant and unforgettable, the venue continues to be packed on the weekends with guests that enjoy their dinner whilst being entertained and then moving onto drinks, while the wild party really unfurls.

Courtesy of Cahide Müzikhol