The Best Hotels in Ankara for Every Traveller

Sleep in historical surrounds at the Divan Çukurhan, with roots that date back to the 16th century
Sleep in historical surrounds at the Divan Çukurhan, with roots that date back to the 16th century | Courtesy of Divan Çukurhan / Expedia
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4 December 2020

Ankara has a history that stretches back thousands of years – before the Romans had even set foot in Anatolia. For much of its history, the city was an obscure outpost of successive Roman, Byzantine, then Ottoman empires, until Mustafa Kemal Atatürk established it as the capital of the new Turkish Republic in 1923. With the ancient citadel and old town now dwarfed by new suburbs, travellers can choose between redeveloped Ottoman-era inns or flashy, modern hotels in one of the city’s business districts. Here are the best hotels in the Turkish capital.

Aldino Residence

4.5/5 (26 Reviews)
Aldino Residence
Courtesy of Aldino Residence / Expedia

A short walk away from Ankara’s busy Tunalı Hilmi Street, Aldino Residence is one for the shoppers and cafe-dwellers. The street is known for its combination of local souvenir shops and retail outlets, so spend some time shopping before stopping for a Turkish coffee or a latte in the cafes. This home from home offers spacious suites with built-in cooking facilities and panoramic views of the city’s skyline when it’s time to retire for the evening.

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Izz Otel Ankara

4.5/5 (2 Reviews)
Izz Otel
Courtesy of Izz Otel Ankara / Expedia

Izz Otel is one of the best options in Ankara for travellers looking for a central location close to all the action. If you’re here on business, the city’s major companies are all nearby, as well as the embassies. Izz Otel offers sleek, spacious rooms with modern decor and is a short stroll from Kızılay Square. There are 46 standard rooms, but you’ll have to book early to reserve one of the two larger suites.

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Divan Çukurhan

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
4.7/5 (274 Reviews)
Divan Cukurhan
Courtesy of Divan Çukurhan / Expedia

If you’re visiting Ankara for the history and heritage, then look no further than the Divan Çukurhan. Outside the main gates of Ankara’s citadel, it has been housing travellers since the 16th century. This Ottoman-era inn was redeveloped in 2007, giving this traditional caravanserai an updated, modern feel without losing sight of its past. There’s a courtyard lobby where you can enjoy a Turkish coffee, or you can take in the views of Ankara from the panoramic Safranhan Brasserie.

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Limak Ambassadore Hotel

4.2/5 (33 Reviews)
Limak Ambassadore Hotel
Courtesy of Limak Ambassadore Hotel / Expedia

The Limak Ambassadore Hotel is the place to relax after a day of business or sightseeing in the capital. This boutique hotel in Ankara’s central business district not only provides personalised service and attention but offers a traditional Turkish hammam experience at the Limak Chiva Spa, where you can unwind in the steam rooms or enjoy a vigorous Turkish massage. The lobby bar offers both Turkish and international cuisine, while you can choose between double rooms, king rooms and suites.

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Point Hotel Ankara

4.6/5 (265 Reviews)
Point Hotel Ankara
Courtesy of Point Hotel Ankara / Expedia

If you have a penchant for art, stay at the luxurious Point Hotel Ankara. It describes itself as an “Art-Tech” hotel, with its rooms and hallways resplendent with more than 200 different works of art, carefully curated with the help of the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. Situated in Ankara’s Çukurambar District, it’s also ideal for business travellers, as the city’s financial district and government organisations are nearby.

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  • Warwick Ankara

    Boutique Hotel
    4.6/5 (135 Reviews)
    Warwick Ankara
    Courtesy of Warwick Ankara / Expedia

    The Warwick Ankara is a boutique hotel that prides itself on its traditional Turkish hospitality and French-inspired architecture. If you love personal service and enjoy being known by name by the hotel staff, then this hotel is for you. Offering just 32 rooms and suites, all with wooden decor and velvet accents, it’s just a short walk from Tunalı Hilmi Street for boutique shops and Seğmenler Park.

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    Deeps Hostel

    3.9/5 (238 Reviews)
    Deeps Hostel
    Courtesy of Deeps Hostel / Expedia
    Budget travellers should book into Deeps Hostel when visiting the Turkish capital. Ankara doesn’t have a huge backpacking scene or too many hostels (backpackers tend to stay in Istanbul or head to Cappadocia or the Mediterranean), so you can rest assured that you’ll find like-minded travellers staying here. The hostel can host up to 42 people in its dorms and private rooms; it’s close to Kızılay Square and within walking distance of a metro stop.
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    ROX Hotel Ankara

    4.4/5 (97 Reviews)
    Courtesy of ROX Hotel Ankara / Expedia

    Within walking distance of the central Kızılay station, ROX Hotel is perfectly positioned for an easy stay in Ankara. It’s a place for anyone who loves a little upscale modernity, with spacious, colourful and light rooms. The lobby bar features vibrant artwork, and the rooftop restaurant serves up gourmet Turkish cuisine, which you can enjoy while taking in the views of the capital.

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