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Khedive Palace  | ©  Mehmet Çetin/Shutterstock
Khedive Palace | © Mehmet Çetin/Shutterstock
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A Brief History Of The Khedive Palace, Istanbul

Picture of Feride Yalav-Heckeroth
Updated: 14 November 2016
Also known as the Çubuklu Palace, the Khedive Palace, located on the Asian side of Istanbul, served as the former residence of Khedive Abbas II of Egypt and Sudan. The mansion, completed in 1907, was abandoned for a long time before opening to the public in 1984. Culture Trip takes a look at the details of the beautiful and historic structure.

Abbas II, who reigned over Egypt and Sudan from 1892 until 1914, sought to cooperate with the Ottoman Empire in order to potentially undermine British occupation. As such, he visited Constantinople until he commissioned Italian architect Antonio Lasciac to build a summer residence on the Bosphorus shore. Designed according to the