6 Reasons Why You'll Instantly Fall in Love With Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum | © Max Hughes/Flickr
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Updated: 20 December 2017
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Bodrum is a major summer hotspot that has both its touristy side and its more hidden corners where you’re more likely to find vacationers from Istanbul enjoying the sun. From the historic castle to gorgeous beaches, here are some reasons to travel to Bodrum this summer and fall in love.

The Beautiful Beaches

Bodrum has so many different beaches. You’ll get the pristine sand beaches that are part of the package at luxury resorts such as Mandarin Oriental or Swissotel Resort or you can drive a bit further to Mazı and go swimming on a more remote beach with the locals. Beach clubs with daily beach parties are also part of the package, as are smaller more private hideouts such as the beach at Maçakızı.

Soaking up the sun
© Courtesy of Maçakızı

Amazing Food

Eating fresh fish and meze in Bodrum is an absolute must and you’ll soon discover that everything is downright delicious because it’s prepared with the best ingredients (i.e. right out of the sea). Bodrum has many fantastic restaurants but some of them have been around for a while, maintaining excellence in cuisine without disruption. Make sure to book a table at Memedof in Yalıkavak, Limon, and Orfoz.

Luxurious Boutique Hotels

Bodrum is also home to smaller hotels for those who’d rather avoid the whole large resort vibe. Some of the best small boutique hotels include Maçakızı, Med-Inn, and Casa Dell’Arte, where you can enjoy a location more in tune with its surroundings and a more private beach where relaxation is inevitable.

Boutique style
© Courtesy of Maçakızı

Hidden Corners

Bodrum is a major tourist town and downtown you’ll find lots of tourists at the open-air bazaar or the many shops and restaurants. However, it’s also so easy to get away from the crowds. Book a hotel in Bodrum’s other regions such as Türkbükü, Gümüşlük, Mazı, or Akyarlar to get away from the crowds and hang out with mostly locals.

Romantic Sunsets

Imagine spending the day at the beach and then sticking around just long enough to watch the sun descend into the sea with the water acting like a still mirror reflecting the full spectrum of another beautiful day’s end. Wherever you are, sunsets in Bodrum are always beautiful and romantic, especially if you happen to get a good table at Limon that looks out over the amazing view.

Off-Season Beauty

One of the best things about Bodrum is that it’s still warm during the off-season months such as May, September, and October, which means you can have an amazing vacation without any crowds and still enjoy the fantastic weather and sea. Bodrum is most crowded between June and August, so make sure to avoid these months if you don’t like masses of people.

Rugged coastline of Bodrum
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