15 Beautiful Turkish Names and What They Mean

Lily of the Valley | © IgorKon/Pixabay
Lily of the Valley | © IgorKon/Pixabay

There are hundreds of Turkish names, some of which occur in other cultures in the Middle East and some that are unique. Some names are quite poetic in meaning, ranging from emotions like love to the beauty of a star filled sky. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

Feride (Fe-ree-de)

A female name, which means unique and the only one of its kind. Feride was also the protagonist of the famous Turkish love story Çalıkuşu written by Reşat Nuri Güntekin in 1922.

Alparslan (Alp-ars-lan)

This name usually given to males and means courageous lion.


Mesut (Me-sut)

A great name usually used for boys which means happy.

İnci (In-jee)

A girl’s name that translates as pearl and signifies preciousness.

Pearl | © NeuPaddu/Pixabay

Sevgi (Sev-gee)

A name usually used for females, which means love.

Defne (Def-ne)

A name for a nature-loving female that translates to bay tree/laurel.

Laurel Tree/Max Pixel

Munire (Mu-nee-re)

A woman who is made of light and is positively radiant.

Birgül (Bir-gül)

A flower name, or more specifically a single beautiful rose.

Rose/Wikimedia Commons

Leyla (Lay-la)

Translates to a very dark night and is the female protagonist of the famous ‘Leila and Mecnun’ love story.

Çiçek (Tshi-tshek)

A lovely name for a female, which translates to flower.


Efe (E-fe)

Efe is a brave and courageous elder brother.

Erenay (Eren-ay)

A male name that translates as full moon.

Full Moon | © Michael Gil/Wikimedia Commons

Süheyla (Sü-hey-la)

This female name translates to a thousand stars.

Umut (U-mut)

A great name for a male, which translates as hope.

Müge (Mü-ge)

Another female name with a floral theme, Müge is the lily of the valley.

Lily of the Valley | © msandlier/Pixabay