10 Street Artists From Istanbul You Should Know

Courtesy of No More Lies
Courtesy of No More Lies
Photo of Feride Yalav-Heckeroth
27 February 2018

Istanbul’s street art culture has really exploded in recent years, with more and more artists showing off their amazing skills on the city’s many unoccupied walls that are given an instant rejuvenation in every sense of the word. Check out some of the best artists on the Istanbul streets at the moment.


If you love cartoon characters from shows such as Adventure Time, then you’ll become an instant fan of Fist, a super talented street artist based in Istanbul. Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants, and Rigby from Regular Show have all been immortalized on city walls.

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Gamze Yalçın

One of the few female street artists among all the boys, Yalçın has a very distinct style that makes her stand out no matter where her work appears. Colorful, playful, and often with a spiritual twist, we love this lady street artist.

Mert Tügen

Mert Tügen is an incredibly talented illustrator who has thankfully taken his work to the streets so that the masses can enjoy his work on a daily basis. Humans and animals are reimagined with his unique forms and colors and appear so beautifully on the lucky walls that have the pleasure of exhibiting his special world.

On an elephant, there is love. By @merttugen and @elifdemir

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No More Lies

One of the most well-known street artists in Istanbul, No More Lies has been releasing a whole world of stenciled animals into the streets of Istanbul. From elephants with butterfly wings to melting hippos and giant rabbits with pink eyes, Istanbul is a phantasmagorical zoo thanks to this particular street artist.


It’s hard to define the style of Semi.ok because it changes from graffiti to street art murals with adorable cartoon bears and even some portraits of famous people. Either way, he’s definitely very talented.

Leo Lunatic

One of Istanbul’s most well-known street artists, Leo Lunatic’s most famous work was his Istanbul panda that made the rounds all over the city, big and small. Often collaborating with other artists, Lunatic has become a brand.


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Another street artist who doesn’t have a singular style, Kien moves easily between portraiture to graffiti to beautiful murals with a clear message. We’re especially fond of the astronaut checking his broken social media heart.


Adekan’s abstract faces have become an iconic part of Istanbul’s urban landscape, allowing streets to instantly become a museum or art gallery with his work shining through. A true artist whose canvas is any wall that looks lonely, you look forward to haphazardly meeting Adekan’s work when you wander around Istanbul.

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This artist gets his name from the seemingly rabid raccoon that he likes to leave on the city’s walls. However, Rakun is much more, with portraits of abstract faces and all their peculiar facets popping up all over the place.

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Somon’s world is a beautifully colorful mess where eyeballs and muscles intertwine in an explosion of color and creatures appear without eyeballs all over the streets. There’s something raw and beautiful about Somon and discovering his work is always a welcome shock.

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