10 Epic Places in Turkey Every Local Is Proud Of

Ishak Pasha Palace | © Myararat83 / WikiCommons
Ishak Pasha Palace | © Myararat83 / WikiCommons

Turkey’s list of historic sites is very long and includes iconic touristic attractions as well as the lesser-known wonders that are equally fascinating. Culture Trip takes a look at some epic places that locals know too well, and visitors are just beginning to discover.

Underwater ruins of Kekova Island

Dating back to 2000 BCE, Simena was a sea-trading city belonging to the Lycian Empire that sank into the sea after many violent earthquakes. Nowadays, visitors arrive on boat tours to see the ruins, including a shipyard, buildings, houses, and tombs, through the clear waters.

Kekova Adası, Demre, Antalya, Turkey