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Amsterdam | © neshom/Pixabay
Amsterdam | © neshom/Pixabay
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What's On In Amsterdam In September

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Updated: 10 October 2016
September marks a new chapter in Amsterdam’s cultural calendar with the city seamlessly transitioning into the colder months with an exciting array of events, shows and festivals. Highlights include rooftop film nights, week-long photography fairs and Ai Weiwei’s latest exhibition. So, as the nights draw in, remember that a new season is just beginning and that, in the Netherlands, grey skies are never an excuse to stay in.


Van de Velde: Arcadian Landscape with Resting Shepherds and Animals
Van de Velde: Arcadian Landscape with Resting Shepherds and Animals | © Rijksmusem, Amsterdam / Wikicommons / Volkshotel | © Konrad Lischka / Flickr / Concert | Pixabay / Vrije Universtiet | © Shirley de Jong / Flickr

ART: Discover One of The Master’s of The Dutch Golden Age

📅 Until Sunday, September 25th

Tickets: €17.50

The Rijksmuseum’s retrospective of Adriaen van de Velde continues until the end of September and presents many rarely seen works by this acclaimed painter. Regarded as one the greatest artists of the Dutch Golden Age the exhibition displays van de Velde’s masterpieces alongside preliminary sketches and drawings, revealing his unique methods and allowing visitors to follow the artist’s creative process.


MUSIC: Be Entranced by Jimmy Whisper’s Resonating Love Songs
📅 Thursday, 1st September

Tickets: €8

Indie favourite Jimmy Whispers is set to return to Amsterdam on September 1st closing the summer with his fractured crooning and saccharine lyrics that dream of warmer times. He will be playing in one of De School’s smaller venues alongside Dutch trio Venus Tropicaux.

📍De School

THEATER: Marvel At the Dutch Avant-garde At Amsterdam Fringe Festival
📅 Thursday, September 1st- Sunday, September 11th

Tickets: Short Performance: €7, Long Performances: €11

Step into the fringes of Dutch culture and experience the experimental side of theater during this week-long festival. Touted as Edinburgh’s ‘cooler, edgier younger sibling’, the festival will take place in a number of theaters throughout Amsterdam. Check out the festival’s website for more details and an event planner.

📍Box Office

MUSIC: Celebrate The Last of The Summer Sun at Zeezout Electronic Music Festival
📅 Saturday, September 3rd

Tickets: €30

This relatively small festival takes place in Diemerbos, a large forest on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Now in its second year, Zeezout brands itself as the last festival of the season and promises intimate performances that move at a relaxed pace. Many local DJs are playing along with some bigger names.


FILM: Watch A Movie On Top of One Amsterdam’s Tallest Buildings
📅 Tuesday, September 6th- Friday, September 9th

Tickets: €12

The Vrije University Amsterdam is hosting an international film festival on the roof of the library. This year’s line-up focuses on how physical and social challenges can hinder people’s ability to pursue their own lifestyle. A panel of experts will discuss the films before the screenings, and guests should expect lively discussions as well as spectacular views.

📍The Vrije University


Oude Kerk | © Gabi Agu/ Flickr/ Photographer | Pixabay / Ijhallen | © Rafale Tovar / Flickr / Canals|© David Spence / Flickr
Photographer | © Gabi Agu/ Flickr/ Photographer | Pixabay / Ijhallen | © Rafale Tovar / Flickr / Canals|© David Spence / Flickr

PHOTOGRAPHY: Get Behind the Camera at Fotoweek
📅 Friday, September 9th- Sunday, September 18th

Tickets: prices vary depending on event

This year’s fotoweek is dedicated to examining portrait photography. Museums, galleries and shops throughout the Netherlands will be participating in the festival and during the week there will be a number of workshops where visitors can show off their photographic skills or learn more about this diverse art form.


HISTORY: Explore Amsterdam’s Heritage With Open Monuments Days
📅 Saturday, September 10th-Sunday, September 11th

Tickets: Free

Once a year Amsterdam opens its monuments to the public, letting visitors enter many of its iconic buildings and landmarks, free of charge. Over this weekend the city celebrates its history and employs a dedicated team of experts to help visitors learn more about its unique heritage. Many locations also organize night-time events, including concerts, exhibitions and guided tours.

📍De Wallen

DANCE: Be Mesmerized by Dutch Contemporary Dance
📅 Saturday, September 10th- Monday, September 12th

Tickets: €45

The Nederlands Dans Theatre is coming to Amsterdam in September and will perform in the city’s prestigious Stadsschouwburg theater. This season’s program has two world premieres and will present dynamic, original pieces created by world-renowned choreographers. Daring, eclectic and uncompromising, these performances are not to be missed.


FASHION: Dig Out A Bargain At Ijhallen Market
📅 Saturday, September 10th – Sunday, September 11th

Tickets: €5

Ijhallen is Amsterdam’s biggest flea market and opens one weekend per month. Located in the North of Amsterdam, the market is accessible via a short ferry trip from Central Station. You’re sure to find something interesting in its gigantic halls and on your way back you can stop by the Pancake boat that docks in Amsterdam’s northern harbor.


SPORT: Watch Swimmers Brave Amsterdam’s Canals And Raise Money For Charity
📅 Sunday, 11th September

Tickets: Free but donations are welcome

On September 11th, Amsterdam clears its canals to make way for legions of swimmers braving the cold water in order to raise awareness and funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research. The City Swim attracts thousands of participants every year and anyone can register to enter. Alternatively, you can watch from the sidelines and donate via the organisations’ website.

📍Marineterrein Amsterdam


/ Italian Food | Pixabay / Damloop | © Merlin / Wikicommons / FOAM | © Bart van Poll / Flickr
FOAM | © Gouwenaar / WikiCommons / Italian Food | Pixabay / Damloop | © Merlin / Wikicommons / FOAM | © Bart van Poll / Flickr

ART: Take Time To Learn About The Refugee Crisis with #Safepassage
📅 Thursday, September 15th- Wednesday, December 7th

Tickets: €11

Acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei will open a new exhibition in Amsterdam’s FOAM gallery dedicated to the refugee crisis. Weiwei is a refugee himself and draws on this experience to uncover the lives behind the crisis. For the past year, Weiwei has been travelling to border camps across the Mediterranean and has returned with thousands of photographs that will be on display during the exhibition, alongside sculptures and films that reflect on this troubled situation.


FILM: Immerse Yourself In Celluloid Cinema

📅 Saturday, September 17th- Sunday, January 8th

Tickets: €12.50

In September, the EYE will be celebrating and exploring the potential of analog cinematography, breathing new life into this rapidly disappearing medium. Its installation hall will welcome a collective of artists who continue to use analog cameras, presenting films, sculptures and performances that employ celluloid.

📍The EYE Film Institute

FOOD: Taste Authentic Italian Food
📅 Saturday, September 17th

Tickets: free

ArteFlavour brings together all of the best parts of Italian cuisine and transports them to Amsterdam. Hundreds of chefs gather at the festival, united by their passion for quality food and drink. Everything is sold at a fair price and guests can enjoy music and art late into the night.


SPORT: Watch Runners Race Their Way Across Amsterdam
📅 Saturday, September 17th

Tickets: free

Originally a fun run from Amsterdam to Zaandam, Dam to Damloop is now a major sporting event that attracts athletes from all over the world. Nonetheless, many runners are still amateurs looking to test their mettle against other enthusiasts. The race starts at Amsterdam Central Station and you can watch runners enter the IJtunnel from Prins Hendrikkade.

📍Prins Hendrikkade

MUSIC: Listen to Carla Dal Forno’s Haunting Melodies
📅 Friday, September 23rd

Tickets: €8

This electronic songstress will be playing in the Goethe Institute on September the 23rd. Dal Forno’s music is enigmatic and minimalistic, creating forlorn hymns backed by down tempo drum beats. She has only released two songs so far, and the concert will showcase her upcoming tracks.

📍The Goethe Institute


Unseen Photography Fair | © Franklin Heijnen / Flickr / Kimchi | © Kim Ahlström / Flickr / Amsterdam Zuid | © Pablo / Flickr / Stedelijk Museum | © Mark Ahsmann / WikiCommons
Unseen Photography Fair | © Franklin Heijnen / Flickr / Kimchi | © Kim Ahlström / Flickr / Amsterdam Zuid | © Pablo / Flickr / Stedelijk Museum | © Mark Ahsmann / WikiCommons

PHOTOGRAPHY: Discover Up and Coming Talent at Unseen Photography Fair

📅 Friday, September 23rd- Sunday, September 25th

Tickets: Day Pass: €17.50, Weekend: €35

Unseen is an annual photography fair that focuses on emerging artists and new projects by established photographers. The fair is a collaborative effort made possible by the work of over 50 international museums and galleries. Apart from its major exhibitions, Unseen’s programme also offers numerous lectures and debates.


CULTURE: Explore Zuid Amsterdam
📅 Saturday, September 24th
Tickets: free

Over the past year, 24H Amsterdam has been celebrating different neighbors across the city. Its fourth edition will take place in Zuid, showcasing the south of Amsterdam. Many of the district’s stores, restaurants and clubs will be hosting events during the day, opening their doors to locals and travelers alike. A great way to experience a different side of Amsterdam and learn more about the city’s diverse cultural landscape.

📍Amsterdam Zuid

FOOD: Learn How to Make Your Own Kimchi
📅 Sunday, September 25th

Tickets: Free

Mediamatic is an organization dedicated to researching intelligent ways to grow and recycle food. At the end of September, it will be exploring fermentation, gathering artists, chefs, and researchers at its Rootzoi festival. Stalls will be selling all manners of fermented products including beer, kimchi and sourdough bread, and the festival will present workshops covering the ins and outs of fermentation.


ART: Discover Digital Art At The Stedelijk
📅 Until Sunday, October 2nd

Tickets: €15

The Stedelijk’s overview of Avery Singer’s work will be closing at the beginning of October, meaning that September is your last chance to see this young American artist’s unique oeuvre in the Netherlands. Singer uses digital media to create abstract pieces that draw upon late cubism, arranging monochrome cuboids and cylinders into patterned collages.

📍Stedelijk Museum

DESIGN: See The Latest Trends In Interior Design
📅 Tuesday, 27th September- Sunday, October 2nd
Tickets: €19

At the end of September Amsterdam RAI will welcome VT Wonen & Design Beurs to its conference halls. This annual fair presents the latest trends in interior design and living styles, and over 300 international designers will be exhibiting their collections.Visitors can also attend a number of workshops and decorating courses.

📍RAI Amsterdam