What's On In Amsterdam In October

Amsterdam | © neshom/Pixabay
Amsterdam | © neshom/Pixabay
Photo of Tom Coggins
2 February 2018

Amsterdam is definitely an Autumn city. Longer nights mean stronger beer, delicious glühwein, and hearty stamppot; seasonal specialties that are sure to reignite any dampened spirit. October also brings with it an amazing selection of concerts, exhibitions and festivals that are guaranteed to keep Amsterdam’s cultural calendar rolling.


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📅 Friday September 30 Friday October 28

In October the Stedelijk Museum will be organizing a selection of web-based workshops aimed at potential young artists. People aged between 15-21 are encouraged to take part in four online assignments. The museum then chooses the best entries to be displayed inside the museum at the end of the month.

CULTURE | 90 Years Ms. Monroe

📅 Saturday October 1 Sunday February 5

This winter de Nieuwe Kerk will be celebrating iconic star Marilyn Monroe‘s life and career. The church will be holding an exhibition, taking a closer look at her influence on culture in the last 90 years. Several of her personal items will be on show, as well as famous photographs and testimonials.

Tickets: €16

FILM | Buddhist Film Festival Europe

📅 Sunday 2 Tuesday October 4

This short film festival explores Buddhism’s contribution to cinematography, presenting films that delve into eastern spirituality, human identity and the ongoing persecution of religious communities. It will open with a screening of Khyentse Norbu‘s Hema Hema, a fairytale that weaves together the stories of several anonymous individuals.

Tickets: €10

LITERATURE | Read My World Festival

📅 Monday 6 Wednesday October 8

Read My World is a festival for ground-breaking literature that gathers internationally renowned novelists, journalists and writers. This year the festival will focus on work related to Poland and the Ukraine, as a way to foster new connections between these countries and the Netherlands.

Tickets: €30


📅 Thursday October 6

Frascati Theatre will be presenting the latest work from Dutch playwright Laura van Dolron in early October. The play explores modern multi-multiculturalism and the obstacles faced by the global community. Dolron is known for her politically charged writing that encourages communal, and personal reflection.

Tickets: €17

📍Nes 63


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MUSIC | Mykki Blanco

📅 Wednesday October 12

Gender challenging hip-hop artist Mykki Blanco will be performing her latest album at Melkweg in October. Famously, Blanco channels politically driven poetry through ganster rap’s vainglory grandiosity ensuring that her live shows are invariably explosive.

Tickets: €13

DRINKS | Cider Cider

📅 Friday October 14

Mediamatic continues its fermentation series with a night dedicated to cider. This delicious, fruity, beverage is somewhat underrepresented in the Netherlands, with the Dutch preferring the crisp taste of pilsner. The evening will consist of several talks followed by a comparative cider tasting session.

ART | Jean Tinguely – Machine Spectacle

📅 Sunday October 1 – Sunday March 5

Exactly 25 years after his death the Stedelijk Museum will open a retrospective on Jean Tinguely. Many of the artist’s playful kinetic sculptures will be on display alongside archival footage of Tinguely’s self-destructive performance pieces. The Stedelijk has also managed to grab some of Tingueley’s earlier work, including wire-framed machines inspired by dada paintings and other avant-garde artworks.

Tickets: €15

PHOTOGRAPHY | Dynasty Marubi – A Hundred Years of Albanian Photography

📅 Until Sunday November 27

FOAM‘s exhibition, Dynasty Marubi, presents the work of three generation of Albanian photographers. FOAM has gathered over 150,000 for the exhibition and most of its collection consists of portraits,including work that captures Albania’s urban bourgeois, mountain herders and criminals.

Tickets: €11

SPORT | TCS Marathon

📅 Sunday October 16

The TCS Marathon has been running for over forty years and is among the largest sporting events in the Netherlands. Runners make their way through Amsterdam’s historic city center, trailing under the Rijksmusuem‘s arches, and across the river Amstel. The race can be watched from many places around the city.


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HISTORY | Catherine the Greatest

📅 Until Sunday January 15

The Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam, has a long history with the Russian royal family and was founded in honor of Peter the Great. In October the museum will be celebrating another equally important Russian leader, Catherine II. Hundreds of paintings and artifacts connected to Catherine will be on display documenting her influence on European history.

Tickets: €17.50

MUSIC | Amsterdam Dance Event

📅 Wednesday 19 – Sunday October 23

ADE is the largest electronic music festival in the world and hosts concerts, workshops and symposiums throughout Amsterdam. Considering its immense size it is worth taking a thorough look at ADE’s program, or, alternatively keep an eye out for venues flying the festival’s iconic yellow banner.

MUSIC | KAFR (Rabih Beaini & Senyawa) + Ash Koosha

📅 Wednesday October 19

The Rest is Noise have teamed up with ADE to bring KAFR and Ash Koosha to the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t Ij. The night will be filled with an amazing mix of styles, with KAFR’s Indonesian influenced compositions playing off against Koosha’s kaleidoscopic take on techno. Both musicians perform live with traditional instruments, ensuring that the night will be an unforgettable experience.

Tickets: €12.50

ART | Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh: Impressions of Landscape

📅 Friday October 21 – Sunday January 29

Charles-Francois Daubigny was a 19th century French artist known for his beautiful landscape paintings. His ability to capture large panoramas was praised by the impressionist movement and inspired the likes of Monet and Van Gogh. His work will be placed side by side with his successors in order to understand his unique vision and influence.

Tickets: €17


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FILM | Klik Animation Festival

📅 Saturday 25 – Sunday October 30

Klik is the largest animation festival in the Netherlands and spans six full days. It takes place inside of Amsterdam’s beautiful EYE film institute and will screen films inside the building’s incredible theaters. The festival attracts thousands of fans and professionals every year and will showcase work from Dutch and international animators.

Tickets: €30

MUSIC | Jenny Hval

📅 Thursday October 27

Norwegian avant-garde composer Jenny Hval writes and performs her own vocals accompanied by the whispers of an elaborately synthesised score. She recently released her latest album In The End His Voice Will Be The Sound of Paper and will be playing her work inside De School‘s concert hall.

Tickets: €12

DRINKS | PINT Bokbier Festival

📅 Friday 28 – Sunday October 30

At the start of Autumn Dutch bars begin to serve bokbier; a heavy, dark lager that is particularly comforting during cold nights. PINT Bokbier Festival will celebrate this delicious Dutch speciality in all its glory, holding a huge beer festival inside of Beurs van Berlage conference centre.

Tickets: €10

CULTURE | Halloween Festival

📅 Saturday October 29

Amsterdam’s annual Halloween festival begins with an enormous fancy dress parade that trails through the city center. Afterwards, masked revelers will head over to Westergasfabriek for a huge party, complete with spookiness themed drinks and visuals. This year’s theme is superhero, especially the scarier variety.


SPORT | Ajax vs Excelsior

📅 Sunday October 29

Ajax will be up against Excelsior FC this October, playing a home game at the team’s famous stadium. As the most successful club in the Netherlands, Ajax are always a team to look out for. The club’s grounds also houses the Ajax museum, an institute that celebrates the team’s historic accomplishments.

Tickets: €41

FOOD | Puremarkt

📅 Monday October 30

In October the Puremarkt will be coming to Amsterdam-Oost‘s Frankendael park. The market gathers hundreds of local organic food merchants and sets them up along long lines of trestle tables and stalls. A huge variety of food will be on offer, including Dutch specialties and internationally inspired cuisine.

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