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What They're Watching in The Netherlands This Fall

Picture of Tom Coggins
Updated: 13 October 2016
Several homegrown talents will be releasing their latest features over the course of the next three months, making Autumn cinema season in the Netherlands. Highlights include films helmed by established names like Martin Koolhoven and Pieter Kuijpers, as well as some seriously promising debuts from Kaweh Modiri and Michaël Dudok de Wit.

The Red Turtle by Michaël Dudok de Wit

Studio Ghibli helped produce The Red Turtle and added some distinctive touches to the film’s design. There’s no dialogue in the movie and its story follows the adventures of a man stranded on a desert island. There he meets a giant red turtle and is forced to battle against this mysterious creature. Dutch animator Michaël Dudok de Wit directed the film working alongside Japanese, Belgian, and French filmmakers. While the film was a summer release, it is still playing in theaters across the Netherlands.

📅 July 2016

Bodkin Ras by Kaweh Modiri

Bodkin Ras is joint venture created by Dutch and Belgian studios. The film uses an experimental mix of documentary and narrative techniques to trace the story of a criminal looking for a fresh start in an isolated, Scottish town. Bodkin Ras has already received some serious accolades, taking home the prestigious FIPRESCI award from Rotterdam‘s international film festival. The film’s wider distribution will première at Amsterdam’s Eye film institute.

📅 08 September 2016

Riphagen by Pieter Kuijpers

This film is based on the life of infamous Dutch criminal Dries Riphagen. During the occupation of Amsterdam Riphagen collaborated with the Nazis and used his influence to profit from the war. He fled before being captured by the Allied Forces and went onto to be an influencing figure in Argentina. The film will dramatise his life and Dutch actor Jeroen van Koningsbrugge will star in its leading role.

📅 22 September 2016

De Held by Menno Heyes

De Held is based on a crime novel of the same name by Dutch author Jessica Durlacher. The film follows a mother as she investigates her father’s mysterious past, unraveling his military history in order to understand the people that are threatening her family. Although De Held is set in L.A. its principal cast is Dutch and it will potentially represent the Netherlands at this year’s academy awards ceremony.

📅 29 September 2016

MeesterSpion by Pieter van Rijn

in 1973 master spy, Simon, is placed into a deep artificial coma by his nemesis. Forty years, he is awoken by an 11-year-old boy, named Tim. The duo team up and set out to solve the crime Simon was investigating all those years ago. This spy caper will delight children and adults alike, and is directed by the man behind 2012’s hit family film, Kees Mees.

📅 05 October 2016

Brimstone by Martin Koolhoven

Brimstone is Martin Koolhaven’s first foray into American cinema and will star an ensemble cast that includes Dakota Fanning, Guy Pierce and Dutch favorite Carice van Houten. Set in the old west, Brimstone centers around Fanning’s character Liz, a desperate mother fighting for survival after being accused of a crime that she did not commit.

📅 13 October 2016

Brimstone, Courtesy of N279 Entertainment
Guy Pearce in Brimstone, Courtesy of N279 Entertainment

Tonio by Paula van der Oest

After 21-year-old Tonio is killed in a tragic car accident his parent’s lives were irreparably damaged. They see their son everywhere and struggle to keep themselves afloat, falling into crippling spirals of despair. This movie is adapted from a Libris Prize winning novel and its author based its contents on his own experience. Tonio is a household name in the Netherlands, and its big screen adaption is hotly anticipated.

📅 13 October 2016

De Prooi by Dick Maas

Dick Maas is a master of absurd, yet unsettling cinema and his latest film, De Prooi, let’s a vicious lion loose on Amsterdam. After this beast attacks and kills several citizens its up to Artis zoo employee, Lizzy, and an English big name hunter to save the city. Maas filmed on location scattering lion dung, mock human body parts and gallons of fake blood across iconic parts of Amsterdam.

📅 13 October 2016

De Matthäus Missie van Reinbert de Leeuw by Cherry Duyns

Dutch composer Reinbert de Leeuw has dedicated his life to classical music and recently decided to stage a production of Bach‘s sacred oratorio St. Matthew’s Passion. Filmmaker Cherry Duyns accompanied de Leuuw throughout his endeavour, and this film will present his footage of the conductor’s rehearsals with the Dutch Chamber Orchestra and their first live performance of Bach’s full piece at Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Kerk.

📅 13 October 2016

Een Echte Vermeer by Rudolf van den Berg

Een Echte Vermeer is inspired by the exploits of Amsterdam’s greatest forger: Han van Meegeren. In the 1920s the artist famously passed off masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer as his own work, fooling the entire art world. The film explores his nefarious career retracing the webs of deceit that eventually led to his downfall.

📅 3 November 2016

A forgery by van Meegeren | © Nederlands Nationaal Archief / Flickr
A forgery by van Meegeren | © Nederlands Nationaal Archief / Flickr