Trendsetting Dutch Artwork | Stephan Brusche’s Fruit Doodles

Photo of Sophia Francis
10 April 2017

A combination of art, design and the yellow fruit that is eaten by millions across the globe: the artwork of Stephan Brusche is remarkably inventive and clever for more reasons than one. We find out about the artist’s process and explore some of his most renowned and recognizable fruit doodles.

Elephant | © Stephan Brusche

Innovative Dutch artist Stephan Brusche has come up with a completely unique medium through which to showcase his art: the banana. With a variety of designs and themes that are etched into the many different banana skins, as well as the actual fruit, the artist shows his creativity and artistic flair. He produces images that are recognizable, witty and clever. Ranging from some truly remarkable ink portrayals of animals, including boldly sketched elephants, intricately drawn giraffes and fish carved into the banana itself, to iconic images such as the bald and stark yellow cranium of Homer Simpson, the artwork of Brusche is delightfully intriguing.

Homer Simpson | © Stephan Brusche
Bert and Ernie | © Stephan Brusche
Dachshund | © Stephan Brusche

An inherent part of the artist’s process is Brusche’s inspiration by the shape of the fruit, then contemplating the design of the doodle. In other instances, he thinks of a comical concept, drawing upon renowned iconic works like ‘The Kiss’ by Klimt, and then translates it into a unique artwork. Using a regular ballpoint pen, the artist draws his design onto the banana skin and uses a small kitchen knife to shape and craft the overall concept. Utilizing the effortless flow of the ink across the skin of the fruit, he draws the entire design all at once, rather than sketching a preliminary shape.

Christmas Triptych | © Stephan Brusche
Marilyn Monroe | © Stephan Brusche
The Creation Of Adam | © Stephan Brusche

The intricate part of the craft can be found in the juxtaposition of the clever design and the background – among which cutting boards, shoe-boxes or even plastic bags are used. Each design is then uploaded to Instagram, where Brusche boasts over 18,000 followers. The artist also has a following on Facebook and Twitter, and is known for his creative doodles as well as his prints, books and t-shirts, which can be found at his website. His range of fun and innovative banana doodles should definitely be checked out.

The Beatles, Banana Road | © Stephan Brusche
A Viking Skull | © Stephan Brusche
‘The Kiss’ | © Stephan Brusche

You can find out more about Brusche’s work at his website:

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