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This Treadmill Bike Lets You Cycle By Walking Rather Than Pedalling

Picture of Tom Coggins
Updated: 5 January 2017
A Dutch company has unveiled a new two-wheeled urban vehicle that is powered by an onboard treadmill. This unusual machine allows riders to leisurely glide down cycle lanes and roads while navigating from a comfortable, standing position.

The idea behind Lopifit is cunningly simple – take a treadmill and mount it onto a bike. This clever modification means that people can enjoy all the thrills of a bicycle ride while still maintaining a familiar upright posture.

Although Lopifit appears to be completely driven by its rider’s pace, its wheels are actually hooked up to an internal motor. By walking on Lopifit’s surface riders charge this engine and coincidentally give themselves a steady workout.

After working up a light sweat, riders can turn on Lopifit’s cruise function and coast around while standing completely still. Its lightweight wheels are designed to withstand small bumps and ditches, and when fully charged Lopifit has a claimed range of up to 95 kilometers with a top speed of nearly 30 kilometers per hour.

Lopifit’s creator has been working on its design for several years and released an initial protype in 2014. This earlier model – inspired by a cross trainer in his garage – was an immediate success and gained a large enough following for further development.

To meet these demands, the team behind Lopifit decided to start manufacturing larger quanities of their creation and then set their sights on the international market. Since then they have established dealerships on four continents and established a growing user base.

Whether or not Lopifits are set to succeed regular pedal driven bicycles is difficult to discern, but they are currently doing quite well for themselves and are becoming increasingly popular at rural, recreational areas around the Netherlands.

The machine itself can be bought directly from Lopifit’s website, for around €2,000, or picked up at a certified dealership. Lopifit is currently available throughout Europe, and the U.S.A.