This Amazing New Museum Is Actually Everywhere in the World 

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Social Media Editor11 December 2017

The Kremer Museum takes your art viewing experience to the next level. From perfect lighting that is optimised based on your height to the ability to see not only the front, but also the back of every painting, this museum takes the viewing experience into utmost consideration. The best part? You can visit it from anywhere in the world.

It’s true, the Kremer Museum is literally everywhere, and this is because it is the first museum in the world which can be exclusively visited in Virtual Reality.

© and courtesy of the Kremer Museum

Announced at the end of October 2017, the project is a collaboration between Dutch art collector George Kremer and his son, Joël Kremer. George’s collection contains a whopping 74 works of 17th-century Dutch and Flemish art, and Joël’s background is in tech, with heavyweights such as Google on his CV.

The father and son team are marrying their passions to create the Kremer Museum, which will perfectly meld art and technology for the first time on such a grand scale.

Joël explained to Artsy that the pair’s motivation to create a virtual museum stems from not wanting people to be forced to come to Holland, where the physical collection in located, in order to view it. In his own words, ‘The best museums in the world do nine to 10 million visitors a year, and whilst that is amazing, compared to the world population, it’s limited.’

© and courtesy of the Kremer Collection

By basing the museum in the digital realm, this problem is eliminated and a truly democratic institution is born (at least for those with access to VR sets.)

Father and son did not want the museum to suffer in quality due to the fact it was not physically real, so they went all out, hiring renowned architect Johan van Lierop to design the space and a team of digital content producers to bring the paintings to life in 3D.

To top it off, there are actual holograms of art experts, including George himself, discussing the artwork on view, giving visitors a museum experience that’s almost more in depth than one where you have to be physically present.

© and courtesy of the Kremer Collection

The Kremers see their experimental museum as the first of others to follow, ultimately democratising art in a truly fantastic manner, but the debate rages on in the art world as to whether or not a virtual art viewing experience can ever be as wholesome as the real deal.

No matter your opinion, the Kremer Museum is sure to wow audiences and give them a one-of-a-kind experience never to be forgotten.

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