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Daniel de Leau / © Culture Trip
Daniel de Leau / © Culture Trip

The Top 7 Things To Do and See in Amsterdam’s Jordaan

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Updated: 18 January 2018

The Jordaan neighborhood is tucked inside of central Amsterdam and quite conveniently located. Arguably Amsterdam’s most famous neighborhood, the area contains an upscale assortment of art galleries, patio restaurants, cafes and street musicians. Here’s our guide to the best activities for a fulfilling day in Jordaan.


Anne Frank House | Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip


Anne Frank House | Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip

Anne Frank House

It is no secret that central Amsterdam is one of the most historic parts of the Netherlands, but this particular attraction is without question its central highlight. Established in 1957 as a historical landmark, this building is indeed where the little girl, ever so famous for her esteemed memoir, The Diary of a Young Girl, spent her days in hiding as the Nazi regime swept through Europe. We highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance and planning ahead to avoid disappointment.

Anne Frank House, Prinsengracht 263-267, Amsterdam, Netherlands, + 31 20 556 7105


Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip


Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip

Breakfast & Brunch

The amount of cafes, breakfast spots, and brunch restaurants in the Jordaan area is truly staggering. Whether you’re in search of Bloody Mary’s, pancakes, crepes, omelets, cappuccinos, or simply patio seating and a cup of tea, the neighborhood has more than enough to offer. There are many good venues located on or nearby Westerstraat, and weekend brunch is a local tradition. We recommend outside seating; Jordaan’s light foot traffic and assortment of bikers are intriguing to watch during a nice early morning meal in the sleepy city of Amsterdam.


Woonbootmuseum | Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip


One of the more intriguing options for activity in Jordaan is to visit the Woonbootmuseum. This unique museum is actually located within a 1914 freighter converted into a houseboat. Climb aboard as the ship navigates Amsterdam’s seasoned canal system and absorb all of the mesmerizing history that comes with it. The only houseboat museum in the world, the Woonbootmuseum is reasonably priced and is located just five minutes’ walk from the Anne Frank House.

Houseboat Museum, Prinsengracht 296K, Amsterdam, Netherlands, + 31 20 427 0750


Lindengracht Market | Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip


Lindengracht Market | Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip

Lindengracht Market

Lindengracht transforms itself from a typical street block into one of the most jubilant marketplaces in Amsterdam every Saturday. Overwhelmingly local in nature, the market and its many stalls feature cheeses, fresh fish, and picturesque bouquets. These handcrafted items are all available for sale by hometown vendors, and there are plenty of snacks to feast on the whole stroll through. Lindengracht’s is also conveninetly located next to many good bars and restaurants.

Lindengracht Markt, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Galerie Buuf

A vanguard, modern art gallery located in the heart of Jordaan, Galerie Buuf brings zest and flair to the neighborhood’s fine arts industry. It showcases several tributary works to champion artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Matisse.

Galerie Buuf, Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36, Amsterdam, Netherlands, + 31 20 616 2400



Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip


Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip


Westerstraat is one of the biggest streets in Jordaan, and its market opens on Monday mornings every week. With nearly 200 stands, the market has evolved considerably from its humble beginnings as a textile trading area. Often the market contains out of date or slightly defected products from designers such as Versace, and Nike and Adidas sportswear abounds. With no shortage of food carts and surrounding eateries, guests often spend all morning milling through this highly desirable marketplace.

Westerstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Daniel De Leau / © Culture Trip

Bar Oldenhof

Escape from the high energy of Amsterdam’s urban maze and take a seat at Bar Oldenhof. Serving as a sort of shelter from the outside world, this faintly lit, yet wondrously designed traditional cocktail bar mirrors something of a speakeasy or relaxed jazz club. No noise, no rush, and a haven for any worn out travelers, Bar Oldenhof is a perfect way to end a tiring day.

Bar Oldenhof, Elandsgracht 84, Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 20 751 3273