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© Keukenhof
© Keukenhof
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The Largest Tulip Garden in Holland Opens For The Season

Picture of Tom Coggins
Updated: 22 March 2017
From March 23 to May 21, Keukenhof Gardens will be open to the public. Every year millions of tulip bulbs are planted throughout this park’s expansive grounds and during springtime these iconic Dutch flowers burst into full bloom, creating a beautiful collage of colourful meadows.

These wonderful gardens date back to 15th century and were originally owned by a Dutch noble family. Two centuries later this massive estate was purchased by a VOC admiral and turned into a country home. Eventually, a large mansion was built on the garden’s grounds and given the title Kasteel Keukenhof.

Rows of colourful tulips | © Keukenhof
Blooming flowers | © Keukenhof

In 1830, Jan David Zocher redesigned the gardens. Having already worked on Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Zocher was able to incorporate many styles into his plans, leading to the garden’s current appearance.

Millions of flowers bloom side-by-side at Keukenhof | © Keukenhof
The gardens were designed by the man behind Vondelpark in Amsterdam | © Keukenhof

During the mid-twentieth century. the mayor of a nearby town decided to adapt Keukenhof into an international flower market where Dutch and foreign traders could exhibit their prized bulbs. His idea was incredibly successful and today horticulturalists still gather at Keukenhof each spring to present their floral arrangements at flower shows.

A flower show | © Keukenhof
A flower show | © Keukenhof

As Keukenhof is only 40 kilometres from Amsterdam, it is easily accessible via public transport, or even by bicycle. In order to reach the gardens, it is necessary to travel through the small town of Lisse which is connected to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague by several bus routes.

Keukenhof often resembles a sea of flowers | © Keukenhof
Tulip fields around Keukenhof | © Keukenhof

Many special events take place at Keukenhof throughout spring, including park-wide historical reenactments on March 31 and a huge flower parade on April 22. Although the gardens are always amazing to behold, it is often said that tulips are at their most beautiful around Mid-April.

Last year’s flower parade | © Keukenhof
2017’s flower parade will take place on April 22 | © Keukenhof