The Coolest Places to Go Surfing in the Netherlands

© pixabay
© pixabay
Photo of Tom Coggins
1 February 2018

There are several surfing hotspots dotted along the rugged Dutch coastline which edge onto the notoriously choppy North Sea. These beaches are generally less crowded than other similar spots around Europe, but nonetheless have many qualities that make them perfect for surfers


Scheveningen is the largest beach resort in the Netherlands and lies roughly five kilometres away from The Hague’s historic city centre. The beach’s coastline stretches down the western side of the Netherlands and runs past an awesome leisure pier that features three hair-raising rides, namely a giant ferris-wheel, a 350m long zip-line and a 60-metre high bungee jump. Even though surfing at Scheveningen certainly requires patience, as its surrounding waters aren’t always 100%, the beach experiences decent waves throughout the year.

The zipline at Scheveningen | © pixabay


Texel is a small, rural island in the Wadden Sea, which is renowned for its pristine beaches, stunning dune landscapes and charming countryside. Most of the island’s western coast is protected as a national park and backs onto a long, uninterrupted beach which spans roughly 15 kilometres. This scenic shoreline features many surfing hotspots that experience reasonably high waves and steady winds.

Texel’s coast | © pixabay


Domburg’s stunning seaside vistas have attracted many famous figures over the years including painters like Piet Mondrian and James Abbott McNeill Whistler, both of whom depicted the town’s coastline in their artwork. Although Domburg doesn’t have a railway station it’s easy enough to reach via bus or car from Rotterdam and is located on a winding peninsula in the Zeeland province. Local beaches are known for their strong, breaking waves and Domburg hosts an annual surf, skate and music festival called MadNes every July.

Domburg, the Netherlands

The Hook of Holland

The Hook of Holland’s southern shoreline marks the entrance to Rotterdam’s enormous Europort and runs northwards towards Scheveningen and The Hague. The town’s large beach attracts scores of surfers during the warmer months of the year due to its strong breaks, favourable winds and golden sands. There’s also around five surf schools located in the town as well as several specialist stores that stock surfing gear.


During summer, legions of day-trippers and holidaymakers flock to Zandvoort to enjoy the town’s long, golden beaches. Although the town attracts a lot of visitors between May and September, its vast coastline means that there’s plenty of space for surfers and other water sport enthusiasts. The waters around Zandvoort are completely exposed to the North Sea, but are generally quite calm during warmer periods.

Zandvoort’s beach at sundown | © pixabay


Camperduin is a small Dutch village on the western side of North-Holland. This tiny settlement trails onto a particularly stunning stretch of the Dutch coastline which features a picturesque artificial lagoon. There’s usually plenty of space on the beach even during the summer and the waves around Camperduin often form barrels as they break into the shore.

Camperduin, the Netherlands


Camperduin beach | © Marco Verch / Flickr