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The Best Wellness Retreats in the Netherlands to Visit

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Updated: 30 December 2017
Over the past century, many sophisticated wellness retreats have been established in the Netherlands that are tailored around comfort, health and luxury. This impressive selection of spas and wellness centres includes several establishments that are built on natural springs and other resorts that are adapted around historical or naturally beautiful locations.
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Fort Resort Beemster

This rural resort is located in the centre of the oldest polder in the Netherlands which was drained and turned into land during the early 17th century. The resort lies roughly twenty kilometres away from Amsterdam and is housed inside a former fort that was built to defend North Holland. These stunning location features many spa facilities, two restaurants and a high-end hotel.

Fort Resort Beemster, Nekkerweg 24, Zuidoostbeemster +31 299 682 200

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Sauna Deco

This charming spa and wellness centre in Amsterdam features dozens of authentic Art Deco fittings that were once part of Paris’ palatial Au Bon Marché department store. There are many different types of treatment available inside Sauna Deco, including professional massages, steam baths and facial care. The centre also contains several quiet resting areas and an onsite restaurant that serves healthy lunchtime meals.

Sauna Deco, Herengracht 115C, Amsterdam +31 20 623 8215


© Sauna Deco

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Wellness Resort Elysium

Elysium is among the largest wellness resorts in Northern Europe and contains many specialised spa facilities. The resort has approximately 20 different saunas that are tailored around specific temperatures, building materials and layouts. There’s a restaurant onsite, and it is easy enough to spend whole days relaxing at the resort.

Wellness Resort Elysium, Kooilaan 1, Bleiswijk +31 88 006 4811

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Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans

Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans developed around a subterranean thermal spring that was discovered by a German scientist in 1975. The resort’s owners have since created many facilities that employ this water source, including thermal baths, steam water spas and saunas. There’s exclusive onsite accommodations available at the resort, and Fontana offers a wide range of entrance packages.

Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans, Weg naar de Bron 3-9, Nieuweschans +31 597 527 777

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Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre

This award winning wellbeing centre easily ranks among the best spas in the Netherlands and features an impressive number of enmities that are tailored around relaxation, wellness and exercise. The centre covers 1,000 square metres and contains swimming pools, massage lounges and a modern gym.

Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, Conservatorium Hotel, Van Baerlestraat 27, Amsterdam +31 20 570 0000

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Thermen Bussloo

Thermen Busslooo is located around 10 kilometres away from Apeldorn in the western Dutch countryside and edges onto the biggest forest in the Netherlands, de Veluwe. The resort is surrounded by natural beauty and overlooks a large lake called de Bussloo. It is possible to rent out hotel rooms at the resort and spend whole weekends relaxing at Thermen Bussloo.

Thermen Bussloo, Bloemenksweg 38, Voorst Gem Voorst +31 55 368 2640

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Thermae 2000

This spa resort was founded by two physiotherapists in the late 1980s and is built upon a natural underground spring in southern Limburg. The spring’s waters play an important role within Thermae 2000’s treatments, and the resort features several indoor and outdoor thermal swimming pools. It is also worth mentioning that Thermal 2000 is located on a large hill called Cauberg that looks onto Valkenburg Castle Ruins and many other scenic sights around Limburg.

Thermae 2000, Cauberg 25-27, Valkenburg +31 43 609 2000

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Château St. Gerlach

Limburg’s Château St. Gerlach contains several luxurious facilities including a four-star hotel, chic restaurant and extensive wellness centre, which is housed within the estate’s ancient cellars. This charming spa looks absolutely stunning and centres around a large, Roman-style indoor swimming pool that’s open until 10pm everyday.

Château St. Gerlach, Joseph Corneli Allee 1, Valkenburg +31 43 608 8888