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Amsterdam has plenty interesting restaurants to explore
Amsterdam has plenty interesting restaurants to explore
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The Best Restaurants For Fresh Seafood in Amsterdam

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Updated: 9 February 2017
If you’re looking for seafood and you happen to be in Amsterdam you’re off to a fantastic start. The city has a boatload of great restaurant choices, from casual to fine dining, for the freshest fish dishes. We pick the best of the catch here.
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De Goudvis Club

De Goudvis Club is a stylish restaurant located nearby Centraal Station and all its food is Marine Stewardship Council-certified (MSC certified). Not overly formal, but still comfortably furnished and with a full bar, the restaurant has an inviting atmosphere. Try the oysters and caviar or the fresh mackerel with a cheese plate and glass of wine on the side.

De Goudvis Club, Spuistraat 4, 1012 TS Amsterdam, Netherlands, + 31 20 737 2121

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For exceptional cooking and a refined, classical modern feel, head to Visaandeschelde, a bustling seafood restaurant on Scheldeplein street. The restaurant boasts a heated lounge terrace, full air conditioning, and herringbone mirrors, patterning the walls. The restaurant takes its fresh fish from the nearby North Sea, preparing its dishes with a noticeable culinary pride for a three-course menu that has a vast array of lunch and dinnertime options.

Visaandeschelde, Scheldeplein 4, 1078 GR Amsterdam, Netherlands, + 31 20 675 1583

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The Seafood Bar

The Seafood Bar has a nuanced take on the often high-end nature of seafood eateries in Amsterdam. More casual and relaxed than similar options, it does not require a reservation ahead of time. Feel free to stroll in at your leisure, and enjoy the high quality, day-fresh seafood that is also MSC certified. Top menu picks range from lobster soup to scampi mango salad, with rotating options suggested under the ‘chef’s choice’ section. Several oyster plates are available, coupled with an extensive list of side order options.

The Seafood Bar, Van Baerlestraat 5, 1071 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands, + 31 20 670 8355

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Nevel, located on the Westerdoksdijk, overlooks the IJ River from its large terrace and is able to accommodate a sizeable amount of guests, making it an excellent location for a group dinner. The seafood varies from shellfish to crustaceans to locally sourced salmon and tuna. Try your fish grilled, blackened, or seared; if you want something from the raw bar, Nevel has got you covered as well.

Nevel, Westerdoksdijk 40, 1013 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands, + 31 20 344 6409

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Restaurant RED

This upscale establishment epitomizes Amsterdam fine dining and is sleekly outfitted with mirrors on the walls and zebra print carpets across the floors. A surf and turf-themed restaurant, RED offers guests the choice between steak and lobster, each prepared one of two ways. The restaurant also overlooks the beautiful, central Keizersgracht canal.

Restaurant RED, Keizersgracht 594, 1017 EN Amsterdam, Netherlands, + 31 20 320 1824

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Mossel and Gin

Mossel and Gin specializes in serving local shellfish, especially mussels, with flavorsome combinations of ingredients; try the mussels with Thai spice sauce and you’ll never look back. Oysters, shrimp, and fresh lobster can also be paired with a great range of different wines and gin cocktails. The restaurant itself is located in a compact, warehouse style garage, giving it a sociable and engaging environment. There is also an inviting fire pit and terrace out back too.

Mossel & Gin, Gosschalklaan 12, 1014 DC Amsterdam, Netherlands, + 31 20 486 5869