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© Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken / Flickr
© Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken / Flickr
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The Best Places To Eat Stamppot In Amsterdam

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Updated: 16 September 2016
In the Netherlands, cold weather calls for stamppot. This traditional dish is made from mashed potato, mixed with seasonal vegetables and topped with sausage, meat and thick, steaming gravy. Typically, its mashed base is heaped into a mountainous crescent and then hollowed out to make room for additional meaty ingredients, creating a delicious combination of comforting winter delights. Dutch restaurants usually serve stamppot during the winter and we’ve compiled a list of the best places to sample this warming dish in Amsterdam.

Restaurant Haesje Claes

Restaurant Haesje Claes adds a dash of class to traditional Dutch cuisine. It was established in 1520, making it one the oldest kitchens in Amsterdam. Their menu has a fine selection of Dutch specialties, including mussels boiled in white wine, smoked herring with pickled beetroot and, of course, perfectly prepared stamppot with all the trimmings. Their full menu is available throughout the day, making Haesje Claes a great place to pick up a hearty lunch or dinner.

📍Spuistraat 275 +31 20 6249998

© yosoynuts / Flickr


Tomaz is housed inside two beautiful Dutch townhouses just behind Dam Square. The restaurant is run by a small Dutch family, proud of its homespun recipes. All its meat, fish and vegetables are locally sourced and they use traditional Dutch techniques to prepare their meals. Their stamppot can be paired with beef stew, lamb meatballs and thick slabs of crispy bacon. Tomaz also has a great selection of craft beers and beautifully matured jenever.

📍Begijnensteeg 6-8 +31 02 03206489

Tomaz has Brouwerij ‘t Ij beer on tap
Tomaz has Brouwerij ‘t Ij beer on tap | © Naiserie / Flickr


Hap-hmm has been serving authentic Dutch cuisine since 1935 and is a firm favorite among locals. The restaurant’s meals are lovingly prepared by a team of enthusiastic chefs and designed to stave off winter shivers. Each morning, their team buys fresh ingredients from local markets and groceries, ensuring that their food is fresh and delicious. Their menu is exceptionally well-priced and each dish comes with a side of chunky potatoes.

📍Eerste Helmersstraat 33 +31 20 6181884

Hap-hmm buy their ingredients locally
Hap-hmm buy their ingredients locally | © Bert Knottenbeld / Flickr


The owners of Moeders (mothers) honor the hard work of their dear, old mums. The walls of their restaurant are covered in portraits of Dutch mothers and their menu is inspired by time-honed, family recipes. This homely establishment serves particularly comforting food and will happily cook up a huge platter of Dutch specialties. An à la carte menu is also available that offers several meaty dishes, creamy stamppot, and indulgent desserts.

📍Rozengracht 251 +31 02 06267957

Portraits of mothers inside of Moeders
Portraits of mothers inside of Moeders | © Mellydol / Flickr

Ijscupjes / Stampottjes

Ijscupjes / Stampottjes is a chain of kiosks that usually sell elegant scoops of artisan ice-cream, but in the winter many of their number switch their menu over to stamppot. This seasonal specialty is served in large dollops , and presented in palm sized saucers, ready to eat with a miniature shovel. All the main varieties of stamppot are available, as well as several more adventurous flavors.

📍Pampuslaan 43 (and other locations throughout Amsterdam) +31 20 416 7456

Stamppot can be taken away from Stampottjes
Stamppot can be taken away from Stampottjes | © K.B.R / Flickr

De Blauwe Hollander

De Blauwe Hollander‘s stamppot is absolutely legendary and served up in generous portions. The restaurant has perfected its menu over thirty years and channeled Dutch culinary wisdom into a selection of refined dishes. A whole section of their menu is dedicated to stamppot and the meal is plated up with a variety of fried meats, as well as lashings of delicious, homemade, gravy. Try out their kale mash, accompanied with a smoked Dutch sausage, for a real seasonal treat.

📍Leidsekruisstraat 28 +31 02 06270521

De Blauwe Hollander serve stamppot with traditional Dutch sausages
De Blauwe Hollander serve stamppot with traditional Dutch sausages | © Takeaway / Flickr