The Best Museums In Amsterdam You Should Visit

© Courtesy of Electric Ladyland
© Courtesy of Electric Ladyland
Photo of Ross Walker
5 November 2016

Amsterdam is home to some of the most revered art museums and historical landmarks in the world. Plan to spend a day or two touring these museums if you want to get to all of them, because they are as central to Amsterdam as the red light district or the coffeeshops.

A Creative Commons Image: Rijkmuseum | Jose Hidalgo/Flickr


The Rijkmuseum is the largest museum in The Netherlands, housing works by Vermeer, Rembrandt, and many other famed artists. The museum is laid out chronologically, with each floor as a separate time period. While here, don’t miss the Night Watch by Rembrandt, as it is the museum’s most famous work.

A Creative Commons Image: Rodekolen en ui Vincent Van Gogh | Marlies Bouten/Flickr

Van Gogh Museum

Oftentimes museums dedicated to one artist can feel a bit tiresome and repetitive, but the Van Gogh Museum is an exception. The museums layout takes you through Van Gogh’s life and brilliantly outlines how he changed and matured as an artist. Many of his works are accompanied by works from his contemporaries or exhibits on relevant historical events, so that you can have a window into what inspired this great artist.

A Creative Commons Image: Anne Frank House | Costas Tavernarakis/Flickr

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is an absolute must while in Amsterdam. It is chilling to stand in this house and imagine the dread and terror the young Anne Frank had to endure. However, it is an important visit to make, as it will open your eyes to a horror that happened less than one hundred years ago. Plan on spending a while here, and give yourself some time to reflect after your visit.

A Creative Commons Image: Paints at the Rembrandt House | Costas Tavernarakis/Flickr

Electric Ladyland

Electric Ladyland is not what you think given the name. Electric Ladyland is incredibly different from any other museum on this list, as it is a museum dedicated to fluorescent light. For those of you who have tried out Amsterdam’s famous coffeeshops this is the museum for you. Guests become part of the art as the lights reflect off of clothing, skin and teeth to create a wild light show experience.

A Creative Commons Image: Inside Electric Ladyland | ilovebutter/Flickr

Rembrandt House Museum

While the Van Gogh Musuem is dedicated to the artist, the Rembrandt House Museum is actually where Rembrandt himself lived and worked. The museum walks the line between a history of Rembrandt and a celebration of his art. The museum still contains all of the original furniture in the house, and as you tour it, helpful guides will explain how Rembrandt mixed his paint and provide you with other fun facts.

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