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The Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam | © Ben Babcock/Flickr
The Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam | © Ben Babcock/Flickr

The Best Hostels for Backpackers in Amsterdam

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Updated: 24 January 2017
Traveling on a budget isn’t always a breeze, and finding the right spot to chill out after a long stint backpacking can be seriously tricky. Fortunately, we have done the research and put together a list that covers the best hostels in Amsterdam that cater to travelers looking for friendly and affordable accommodation.

White Tulip

White Tulip has everything a backpacker needs and is located right in the heart of Amsterdam’s bustling Red Light District. The hostel features numerous mixed and private rooms that are all within an affordable price range. Several coffeeshops, pubs and bars are literally on White Tulip’s doorstep, making the hostel a perfect spot for more party-oriented travelers. Unlike many other hostels in Amsterdam, White Tulip can accommodate large groups and will happily rent out whole dorm rooms to its guests, if available.

📍 White Tulip, Warmoestraat 87, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  +31 20 625 5974

The Flying Pig Downtown

The Flying Pig Downtown is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and lively spirit – qualities that it fosters by maintaining a welcoming climate while encouraging its guests to hang out together at the hostel’s bar, lounge or smoking area. Everything is inclusive at the Flying Pig and there are no hidden costs upon arrival, meaning that newcomers can immediately relax in their dorms or head out on the town.

📍 The Flying Pig Downtown, Nieuwendijk 100, Amsterdam, The Netherlands +31 20 420 6822

© Ben Babcock / Flickr

Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam | © Ben Babcock/Flickr

Durty Nelly’s

Durty Nelly’s is a notorious party hostel in the center of Amsterdam that is attached to an equally boisterous Irish pub. Both establishments are famous among travelers for their welcoming vibes and friendly staff. Durty Nelly’s is also a great place to meet other backpackers and map out Amsterdam, as it regularly organizes pub crawls around the city. The hostel serves an impressive Dutch breakfast every morning that is completely free of charge for guests.

📍 Durty Nelly’s, Warmoesstraat 115, Amsterdam, The Netherlands +31 20 638 0125

Stayokay Vondelpark

As its name suggests, Stayokay Vondelpark is located right next to Amsterdam’s most iconic park and offers peaceful dorm rooms at affordable prices. While Stayokay Vondelpark is a little further afield than most hostels, it is within walking distance from Amsterdam’s main museums and Overtoom – a large street in the south of the city that is beloved by locals for its restaurants, pubs and concert venues. The hostel also has its very own bar on site.

📍 Stayokay Vondelpark, Zandpad 5, Amsterdam, The Netherlands +31 20 589 8996

Vondelpark is literally on the hostels doorstep | © Mister No / WikiCommons

The hostel overlooks Vondelpark | © Mister No/WikiCommons

WOW Hostel Amsterdam

WOW Hostel Amsterdam is a unique, culturally driven hostel that takes hospitality to a whole new level. The hostel is eager to bring local artists, travelers and temporary residents together under one roof. Besides its lobby, restaurant and affordable dorm rooms, WOW Amsterdam also contains several ateliers that it rents out to recent art school graduates working in Amsterdam. This means that travelers can easily discover Amsterdam’s art scene while staying at the hostel.

📍 WOW Amsterdam, Wiltzanghlaan 60, Amsterdam, The Netherlands +31 20 705 9400

The Bulldog Hotel

The Bulldog Hotel is probably the most famous hostel in Amsterdam, due to its relationship with the popular coffeeshop of the same name. Both establishments are run by the same organization, and the Bulldog Hotel actually features a large lounge bar where guests can spark up joints while hanging out with fellow travelers. Several types of rooms are available at the Bulldog, including deluxe double rooms, shared dorms and private suites.

📍 The Bulldog Hotel, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 220, Amsterdam, The Netherlands +31 20 620 3822

The Bulldog Hotel is owned by an organisation that is famous for its coffeeshops | © Michael Costa / Flickr

The Bulldog Hotel is owned by an organization that is famous for its coffeeshops | © Michael Costa/Flickr