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The Best Home and Design Stores in Amsterdam

Picture of Tom Coggins
Updated: 31 October 2017
Thanks to the city’s impressive design sector finding unique or locally made products items in Amsterdam is rarely difficult. In fact there are dozens of excellent design and concepts stores in the city, as well as numerous spots that stock homeware or interior products created in-house or by leading designers based in the Netherlands.

FEST Amsterdam

FEST makes furniture that draws upon principles commonly associated with modern Dutch design such as functionality, durability and simple elegance, while adding measured doses of colour and comfort. Even though FEST launched less than ten years ago, their products already appear timeless and look incredible when paired together or placed alongside homeware essentials from other studios.

📍FEST Amsterdam, Van Woustraat 111, Amsterdam +31 20 261 5160

FEST Amsterdam - interior - by On a hazy morning
Courtesy of FEST Amsterdam | © FEST Amsterdam

Blom & Blom

The team behind Blom & Blom scour abandoned industrial sites for material and then restore found items into vintage masterpieces. Their (re)creations are absolutely stunning and are presented alongside individual ‘passports’ that retrace each object’s story and origin. Blom & Blom also make one-of-a-kind products and create larger installations for other design conscious organisations.

📍Blom & Blom Store, Chrysantenstraat 20, Amsterdam +31 20 737 2691

Blom & Blom
© Matei Plesa / Blom & Blom

Store Without a Home

Store Without a Home curates modern design essentials and regularly updates its collection with new products created by local or international studios. There’s always an impressive selection of charming objects available inside their store on Harlemmerdijk including light fixtures, wall-hangings and furniture.

📍Store Without a Home, Haarlemmerdijk 26, Amsterdam +31 20 416 2027

© Store Without a Home

Raw Materials

Raw Materials collects and restores high-quality furniture from around the world and stocks many antique items that were produced outside of Europe. There’s plenty of incredible vintage treasures to scour through inside their showroom on Rozengracht, including hardwood cabinets, old-school light fittings and handmade glassware.

📍Raw Materials, Rozengracht 231, Amsterdam +31 20 421 3893

Raw Materials
Courtesy of Raw Materials | © Raw Materials


Droog launched in the early 1990s and quickly amassed a large following due to their collaborations with leading designers such as Marcel Wanders, Tejo Remy and Hella Jongerius. Many items associated with Droog have since become iconic and the studio is renowned for its modest, yet playful approach towards design. Aside from stocking stylish home products like Marcel Wander’s Knotted Chair or Tejo Remy’s Chest of Drawers, Droog’s headquarters in Amsterdam also serves a platform for several ongoing projects related to contemporary design.

📍Hôtel Droog, Staalstraat 7B, Amsterdam +31 20 217 0100

The Frozen Foutain

The Frozen Fountain on Prinsengracht curates cutting-edge collections that feature work by artists and designers from many different cultural and academic milieux. The team behind the store have deep ties with the art world and regularly collaborate with well-established names as well as up-and-coming designers.

📍The Frozen Fountain, Prinsengracht 645, Amsterdam +31 20 622 9375