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Amsterdam Sunset | © Bert Kaufmann/Flickr
Amsterdam Sunset | © Bert Kaufmann/Flickr
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The Best Cheap Eats And Drinks In Amsterdam

Picture of Miranda Wade
Updated: 13 January 2017
The cost of a gin and tonic at even the most moderate neighbourhood bars is cause to question how the good people of Amsterdam get by. There are no shortage of ways to sink cash in this adorable city. Check out these tried and tested dining destinations where you can feast on Amsterdam’s eclectic foodie culture without breaking the bank.


Head to this most hipster of establishments in de Pijp to enjoy all that is sweet potato. A hefty portion of SchatjePatatje’s organic, skin-on and thick cut fries with homemade sauce will set you back just €4.80. The goat’s feta and jalapeño dip is a staff favourite but don’t underestimate the simple pleasure of a fresh made mayonnaise. We hear they’re frying parsnips now, too.

Sunday to Wednesday 12PM – 10PM, Thursday 12PM – 1AM, Friday and Saturday 12PM – 1.30AM

SchatjePatatje, Ferdinand Bolstraat 48, 1072 LL Amsterdam, Netherlands

SchatjePatatje | © Miranda Wade
SchatjePatatje | © Miranda Wade

Onigiri YA!

Chef Takayuki knows most people know sushi but that fewer are familiar with its ricey cousin onigiri, stuffed parcels of salted rice decorated with nori. At Onigiri YA! he fills these with delicate mouthfuls of teriyaki salmon, karaage chicken and edamame; the end result is rows of pretty rice triangles wrapped tight with plastic for eating on the run. Individual onigiri are priced between €1.50 and €2.50. Choose a handful for picnicking at the nearby Sarphatipark.

Onigiri YA! Ferdinand Bolstraat 37, 1072 LB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Onigari YA! | © Miranda Wade
Onigari YA! | © Miranda Wade

Fou Fow

This narrow shopfront overlooking one of Amsterdam’s most visited canals runs a small, faultless menu of five ramen bowls served three ways: basic, classic and large. Fou Fow’s classic Tonkotsu stars juicy slices of pork cha siu, spinach, bean sprouts and kombu seaweed, finished with a half egg in appropriately creamy broth. It’s a sizeable meal which some fail to finish. Vegetarian and vegan friends are covered too but it’s a popular spot, so arrive early or be happy to wait if there’s a queue.

Fou Fow, Elandsgracht 2A, 1016 TV Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 (0)20 845 0544

Fou Fow| © Miranda Wade
Fou Fow | © Miranda Wade

Dapur Kita

Indonesian food is everywhere in Amsterdam and standards vary wildly. Dapur Kita turns out wonderfully homey Indonesian staples for late lunch and dinner seven days a week. The joy of the buffet-style setup is in tasting several dishes on a single plate, as well as deciding your price point from a set menu. Does rice, beef rendang, sambal green beans, fried aubergine, a fish curry, satay skewer and whole spiced egg sound like a steal at €10.50? Did we mention the food is excellent? Ask for the house sambal if you like extra fire.

Dapur Kita, Elandsgracht 134, 1016 VC Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 (0)64 699 5386

Dapur Kita's chicken satay skewer | © Miranda Wade
Dapur Kita’s chicken satay skewer | © Miranda Wade


Fall in love with an NYC styled bar that does exactly what is says on the tin. The West branch of this urban diner excels at free range rotisserie chicken with all the trimmings. Part with €12 for half a roast chicken plus fries, rotisserie potatoes or gooey mac and cheese; greedy for one and a sensible share for two. Cheaper still is Pulp Fiction homage burger, the Royale with Cheese, invitingly priced at €8.75. Hustle for a seat at the bar to watch the Rotisserie kitchen team work the grill.

Rotisserie, De Clercqstraat 81, 1053 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 (0)20 221 7918

Rotisserie | © Miranda Wade
Rotisserie | © Miranda Wade

Winkel 43

Another obligatory Amsterdam experience, Winkel 43‘s appeltaart is often rated one of the city’s best. Sure it’s touristy, but it’s also thoroughly Dutch and a worthy example of the dish. €4.50 buys a slice of fresh-baked pie, dine-in or takeaway, with generous whipped cream to balance all that wholesome apple. One serve is enough to split between two (although we go the whole hog). Open every day until the small hours.

Winkel43, Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 (0)20 623 0223

Winkel 43 | © Miranda Wade
Winkel 43 | © Miranda Wade


Nothing about Gs says ‘cheap’ exactly, yet in a city still getting to grips with a transplanted brunch trend, this is a great value destination. Serving from three locations in Amsterdam (one is a boat), you’ll find the homey original, pumping signature hip hop in a residential street of the Jordaan. Expats should hit up the eggs benedict, which uses the traditional English muffin and real bacon (not spek) for an easy €9. The menu gets playful too, with dishes like a pork kimchi and fried egg stuffed sugar doughnut for €11.

Gs, Goudsbloemstraat 91, 1015 JK Amsterdam, Netherlands

More delicious eggs at Gs | © Miranda Wade
More delicious eggs at Gs | © Miranda Wade