The Best Bike Trips Out Of Amsterdam

Via PicMonkey
Via PicMonkey
Looking to explore Noord-Holland by bike on your next trip to Amsterdam? We’ve got you covered with the following list of destinations that are within riding distance from the Dutch capital. All of these towns and villages are easily accessible via the Netherlands’ extensive cycle path network and can be reached without expending too much effort. Moreover, each destination is surrounded by natural beauty and possesses its own distinctive charms.


Utrecht‘s historical charms are almost unmatched within the Netherlands and the city’s Medieval architecture easily rivals Amsterdam’s iconic town center. Its outer limits actually border Amsterdam’s suburbs and traveling to Utrecht takes around two hours by bike. This journey is almost due south and runs past a beautiful park called Ronde Hoep, that was originally submerged in swampland before being excavated by Dutch engineers in the 19th century. It is worth dismounting in Utrecht in order to explore the city’s narrow, winding lanes and glorious central canal rings.

Utrecht’s Dom Tower © Pepijntje/WikiCommons / Ronde Hoep Park | © MartinD/Wikicommons / Utrecht’s picturesque canals | © Hans Splinter/Flickr


Marken is a tiny fishing village that appears to be frozen in time. The area is completely surrounded by sea and can only be accessed by a long causeway that connects it to Noord-Holland’s mainland. All of its houses are built from wood and painted in vibrant primary colors that recall 18th century Dutch design. Riding to Marken from Amsterdam takes cyclists through Noord-Holland’s fertile hinterlands and crosses a rustic farming village called Broek in Waterland.

Broek in Waterland | © arch / WikiCommons / Marken's harbour | © Yulia Kuprina / WikiCommons / The causeway leading to Marken | © Jvhertum / WikiCommons

Marken | © Hnapel/WikiCommons / Broek in Waterland | © arch/WikiCommons / The causeway leading to Marken | © Jvhertum/WikiCommons


Naarden‘s distinctive town walls were built as part of a massive defense line that surrounded Amsterdam until the early 20th century. This citadel follows a star-shaped pattern that is framed within a deep moat, creating a beautiful structure that is completely unique inside the Netherlands. To reach Naarden, cyclists can also stop off at Muiden – another ancient fortified town that looks onto the the IJmeer sea. This trail between Amsterdam, Muiden and Naarden parallels a picturesque canal lined with thick woodland.

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Naarden’s town hall | © Janericloebe / WikiCommons / Naarden from the air | © kliek / WikiCommons / A windmill in Muiden | © Zandcee / Wikicommons