The 3 Best Airbnbs in Utrecht

A canal runs through the old town of Utrecht
A canal runs through the old town of Utrecht | © Ivan Nesterov / Alamy
Photo of Tom Coggins
4 December 2019

Ranging from stylish, modern apartments to historic lodgings, there are some truly excellent Airbnb listings in Utrecht. Whether you’re there for the nightlife or looking to discover the city’s age-old architecture, these are the five best Airbnbs in Utrecht.

Wake up to views of Utrecht’s canals

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Stay in this comfortable room in a canal house in the city centre | Courtesy of Airbnb
This cosy, private room with en-suite facilities stands on the third floor of a large house overlooking a nearby canal. Due to its open, spacious layout, double bed and proximity to many of Utrecht’s main landmarks and cultural hotspots, the listing is an ideal destination for couples planning a quiet, urban getaway or solo travellers who are searching for a peaceful spot in the city’s historic centre. Breakfast is included with every booking and is served inside the apartment or downstairs in a renovated, canal-side cellar. The Airbnb lies within walking distance of many popular sites, including the Dom Tower and the dozens of restaurants, cafés and bars that line Utrecht’s innermost canals.

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  • Experience Utrecht’s bustling city centre

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    airbnb 3 utrecht
    Stretch out in this large and luxurious house close to the city centre | Courtesy of Airbnb

    With two bedrooms, ample living space and a cosy layout, this lovely Airbnb listing is perfect for families or small groups of friends travelling together. The apartment, which is found in a peaceful residential area in southern Utrecht, is equipped for four guests and features plenty of space for cooking, dining and relaxing. Though it is slightly farther afield than other listings in the city, several tram and bus stops are located near the apartment; these connect it directly with central Utrecht. Alternatively, guests can hire bikes from the Airbnb’s host (or other nearby rental spots), then explore Utrecht via its well-kept and numerous cycle paths.

    Sleep inside a Medieval wharf cellar

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    Airbnb Utrecht
    Get cosy in this Airbnb in a Medieval wharf cellar | Courtesy of Airbnb

    Over the centuries, many cavernous cellars were excavated along Utrecht’s older canals, in order to provide storage space for merchants and businesses. Nowadays, these subterranean vaults are largely used for other purposes, and some have even been converted into spacious apartments with waterside terraces. For instance, this charming Airbnb listing is situated beneath street level inside an old cellar that has been divided into several living areas. Though it is underground, the apartment receives plenty of sunshine thanks to its wide entrance and skylights, creating a space that feels welcoming and secluded at once. History buffs are sure to love its age-old architecture, while travellers who are eager to experience life in Utrecht’s inner city will likely enjoy the listing’s unrivalled central location.

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