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The 9 Best Restaurants In The Hague, Netherlands
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The 9 Best Restaurants In The Hague, Netherlands

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Updated: 24 July 2017
The Hague in the Netherlands is home to government buildings, winding, peaceful canals, and some of the best restaurants the Netherlands has to offer. When we talk about ‘local cuisine’ in The Hague, this has a wide meaning, because this area has many foreign embassies and over 150 international organizations. We’ve picked out 10 of the best restaurant to make things easier for you.
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La Passione

La Passione brings authentic Italian cooking to The Hague. Chefs Charlotte Belle of Tuscany and Claudio Cuko of Lombardy work with products from their home regions to bring authentic and organic Italian to the Netherlands. The menu at La Passione changes with the season in order to bring you the freshest food possible. On the menu, you can find homemade pastas and raviolis cooked in savory sauces next to brilliantly prepared fish and meats. If you are not sure what to have try the five-course chef’s special menu.

Address & Telephone number: La Passione, Noordeinde 196, 2514 GS Den Haag, Netherlands, +31 70 310 7953

Vegan Sandwich at Baklust © Suzette/WikiCommons
Vegan Sandwich at Baklust | © Suzette/WikiCommons
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Restaurant Zebedeus

Restaurant Zebedeus has a minimal design so that they can direct all attention to the star of the show, the delicious food. Zebedeus takes a personal, no-nonsense approach to create simple yet captivating meals. The lights are purposefully not dimmed, as they normally are in restaurants, so you can see your plate and admire the beautiful presentation of your meal. Zebedeus believes in animal products that are not treated with hormones and antibiotics so you receive a healthier, more flavorful dish.

Address & Telephone number: Restaurant Zebedeus, Rond de Grote Kerk 8, 2513 AM Den Haag, Netherlands, +31 70 346 8393

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Calla’s bring French inspired cuisine to The Hague. Their menu is simple yet captivating, featuring well-prepared food and carefully thought-out dishes. Chef Ronald van Roon works with a local vegetable garden, Lane Voorham, which grows a superb range of fresh herbs and vegetables to add depth to Calla’s menu. Because of this relationship, Calla’s menu often reflects what is growing that season and varies to showcase the Lane Voorham’s bio-dynamic crop.

Address & Telephone number: Calla’s, Laan van Roos en Doorn 51A, 2514 BC Den Haag, Netherlands, +31 70 345 5866

Restaurant at Grote Haalstraat © Hermann Luyken/WikiCommons
Restaurant at Grote Haalstraat | © Hermann Luyken/WikiCommons

De Boterwaag

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Red Wine Pour
Red Wine Pour | ©Faisal Akram/Flickr

De Boterwaag

De Boterwaag features bar food, lunch, and three-course dinners, all made with local products . Here, you eat not only well, but responsibly. De Boterwaag has classic Dutch cuisine, but with a modern twist, of course. The menu has cream-based and cheesy comfort foods right alongside local seafood and fresh vegetables. de Boterwaag is a fun spot, with Salsa dancing every Wednesday and many festive holiday parties.

Address & Telephone number: de Boterwaag, Grote Markt 8a, 2511 BG Den Haag, Netherlands, +31 70 365 9686

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Restaurant El Basha

Restaurant El Basha brings the Middle East to the Hague with traditional dishes from the area. The menu has all of the favorites from mainly Israel, Iran, and Egypt, including grape leaves, shawarmas, baba ghanoush, lamb, and even baklava. El Basha is a great location and is open late, so you can get the best baklava in town at pretty much any hour.

Address & Telephone number: Restaurant El Basha, Laan 6-8, 2512 GM Den Haag, Netherlands, +31 70 365 7776

Hoftrammm in Den Haag II © Smiley.toerist/WikiCommons
Hoftrammm in Den Haag II | © Smiley.toerist/WikiCommons
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Hoftrammm is a roaming restaurant built inside a re-purposed Hague tram. The tram car is now equipped with a full kitchen and restaurant. Hoftrammm is reservation only and provides a four-course, high-quality meal on a two-hour, fixed route through The Hague so patrons can see the city. The pre-fixed meal on the Hoftrammm changes every few months so while the view never changes, the food will keep you coming back. This is a completely unique restaurant experience.

Address & Telephone number: Hoftrammm, Rond de Grote Kerk, 2513 BT Den Haag, Netherlands

Eten Bij Werelds

Eten Bij Werelds, which translates to ‘Food in the World,’ is a restaurant that specializes in arranging intimate parties. Eten bij Werelds strives to work with organic, sustainable, and fair trade products. This quaint Dutch restaurant has a modern atmosphere, and focuses mainly on fresh seafood. Every last weekend of the month, Eten bij Werelds hosts a themed evening that features cuisine from one particular country. On this weekend, you can expect to hear traditional music, watch traditional theater, or see traditional dance from this selected country.

Address & Telephone number: Eten bij Werelds, Bierkade 16A, 2512 AB Den Haag,Netherlands, +31 70 363 3321

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Harvest is one of the best Chinese restaurants in The Hague’s own Chinatown, specializing specifically in Cantonese cuisine. Canton is a province in Southern China and their food of choice is Dim Sum. In addition to traditional Dim Sum dishes, Harvest also prepares popular Chinese dishes like egg foo young, Peking duck, and fried rice. Harvest’s low prices yet incredible quality and authenticity means customers come back again and again.

Address & Telephone number: Harvest, Sint Jacobstraat 1, 2512 AN Den Haag, Netherlands, +31 70 363 1491

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New Meyva

New Meyva is a 20 year old Surinamese restaurant within walking distance of all the shops and businesses in The Hague. New Meyva prepares all of their sandwiches and dishes in an authentic fashion, and their menu offers a plethora of options, including many for vegetarians. New Meyva has cozy seating to enjoy your dishes with a home-cooked feel. They also offer catering and pick-up, so you can eat with a group of friends and even on the go.

Address & Telephone number: New Meyva, Boekhorststraat 5, 2512 CL Den Haag, Netherlands, +31 70 360 3111