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The 10 Best Restaurants In Maastricht
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Maastricht

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The most southern city in the Netherlands, Maastricht offers a rich tasting cuisine, with elements of Dutch, Belgian, French and German cooking. Discover relaxed and cozy places serving local dishes, or enjoy a fine dining experience in Michelin star awarded restaurants. Here are 10 of the best places to eat in Maastricht.
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Beluga is a classic restaurant boasting two Michelin stars, from 2005 to present. The interior is elegant and classy, mixing light and dark tones with furniture made from natural materials such as wood and glass. Beluga’s owner is famous Dutch chef Hans van Wolde, who creates incredible dishes with unique, creative flair. For the whole tasting experience, order a surprise menu of six courses. Pair it with delicious wine and don’t miss the opportunity to try Beluga’s own beer.

Beluga, Plein 1992 12, Maastricht, Netherlands, +31 43 321 33 64

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Pieke Potloed

Pieke Potloed is situated right in the heart of Maastricht in one of the inner city’s historical backstreets. Located in a listed building with a traditionally cozy interior and a beautiful terrace. This authentic Maastricht restaurant radiates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The menu features regional specialities that are prepared from old recipes using local ingredients. Try their three course Pieke’s tasting menu, which includes some of the restaurant’s signature specialities.

Pieke Potloed, Sporenstraat 5, Maastricht, Netherlands, +31 43 321 59 68

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Harry’s Restaurant

Harry’s is a classic restaurant, with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and elegant decor. The food includes specialities from all over the world, taking inspiration from French, Spanish and Italian cuisine. Harry’s tasting menu includes three or four courses, which you can combine with a glass of good wine for better enjoyment. Finish your dinner with one of Harry’s delicious desserts.

Restaurant Harry’s, Wycker Brugstraat 2, Maastricht, Netherlands, +31 43 325 4433

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Basilica is a charming restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. The food is made with fresh local ingredients and combines multicultural specialities. The dishes are low key, but taste delicious. Try French onion soup, Indian green curry or Greek beef burger. Of course, you can’t miss Belgian fries or tasting one of the 55 bottle beers the restaurant serves. During weekends, you can dance the night away to the rhythms of famous local DJs.

Basilica, Vrijthof 15a, Maastricht, Netherlands, +31 43 321 39 36

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Brasserie Keizer

Brasserie Keizer enjoys a perfect place location in the heart of old Maastricht, between St. Servaas Basilica and Vrijthof theatre. With a relaxed and charming atmosphere, elegant décor and simple design, Keizer offers a delightful dining experience. Enjoy Provençal inspired cuisine, incorporating fish specialities and fruity wines. The three course tasting menu is recommended. Keizer is also surprisingly known for their gourmet burgers.

Brasserie Keizer, Keizer Karelplein 15, Netherlands, +31 43 321 11 15

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An elegant restaurant a with warm and welcoming atmosphere, Pakhoes is a popular local dining spot. The restaurant got its name because of the location it occupies. It is situated in a former warehouse, called pakhuis in Dutch, right next to the Maas river. During the summer months, you can sit outside on a charming terrace. The food is inspired by local French and Belgian cuisine, offering a wide range of dishes. For an overall tasting experience, opt for Pakhoes set menu with accompanying wine.

Pakhoes, Waterpoort 4-6, Maastricht, Netherlands, +31 43 325 70 00

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Il y a

Located in the city’s Latin Quarter, Il y a is a cozy restaurant, serving Mediterranean specialities. The menu is influenced by French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian cuisine, and the food is paired with tasty rich wines from those countries. The interior is classy, with dimmed lighting, wooden furniture and interesting pictures on the walls. Their menu is dominated by fish and seafood, including tuna steak, scallops, king prawns and monkfish. During the summer months, you can enjoy your meal on the charming terrace.

Eetcafé Il y a, Koestraat 7, Maastricht, Netherlands, + 31 43 325 07 77

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Stadscafé Lure

Stadscafé Lure invites you in with its simple design and warm atmosphere. The restaurant offers lunch dishes, afternoon snacks and dinner. The menu is split between Lure’s classics and specials. Try veal entrecôte with truffle butter, lettuce and fries or taste the traditional beef stew in vinegar and apple syrup, served with homemade apple sauce and fries.

Stadscafé Lure, Grote Looiersstraat 7, Maastricht, Netherlands, +31 43 321 17 75

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Toine Hermsen

Tradition and innovation are key influences on Toine Hermsen’s restaurant and dishes. Awarded two Michelin stars between 1993 and the present, this restaurant offers a classy dining experience. Located in the center of old Maastricht, near Onze Lieve Vrouwe basilica, Toine Hermsen enjoys a prime spot. The interior is elegant and classy, with wooden furniture and crisp white tablecloths. The restaurant offers two tasting menus, Jubilee menu with four or five courses, and Friends menu with three or four courses.

Toine Hermsen, St. Bernardusstraat 2-4, Maastricht, Netherlands, +31 43 325 8400

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Bouchon d’en Face

A real French restaurant, with French music, French décor and a completely French menu. Bouchon d’en Face is a perfect place for a romantic dinner, or any dinner, if we’re honest. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, while treating your taste buds to authentic French dishes and good red wine. The restaurant is a mix between a bistro and a tavern, and was designed to reflect the chic elegance associated with French culture. The food specialities include bouillabaisse, steak tartar, escargots and steak in béarnaise sauce.

Bouchon d’en Face, Wycker Brugstraat 54, Maastricht, Netherlands, +31 43 311 64 38