Tech Startups To Watch Out For In Amsterdam

© Fairphone / Flickr
© Fairphone / Flickr
Photo of Tom Coggins
13 October 2016

Amsterdam‘s startup scene is booming. The city’s flexible tax system and forward thinking approach to technology encourages innovation while giving smaller companies the chance to expand. Moreover, Dutch enterprises are generally driven by the international market and are eager to adapt their products in order to meet global demands.


Simply put, FlatTire fixes bikes. The company employs a large team of mechanics who will brave wind and rain to reach a stranded cyclist; something extremely useful as Amsterdam and cycling go hand-in-hand. Their team recently put together a simple app to speed along this process that allows FlatTire to immediately locate a broken bike and then dispatch an experienced technician to deal with the problem. Although FlatTire is rapidly expanding, their services are currently only available inside Amsterdam.


This handy site enables users to borrow tools and household items from their neighbours. After signing up to Peerby, users can search their neighbourhood for objects and quickly hire them from other locals on a one-use basis. There’s hundreds of items already available on Peerby and the site is great in hitch.


Ever stared longingly at an outfit that appeared on your Instagram or Twitter feed? Then Fashiolista is the website for you. This community driven startup sifts through thousands of blogs to find the best fashion items currently trending on social media. The site then links these items to their designer’s webshop, allowing Fashiolista’s followers to immediately access said clothing. The startup already has an impressive user base and constantly updates its content, allowing fashion lovers to shop without setting foot outdoors.


Fairphone is a promising startup that has grown exponentially since its launch in 2010. This conscientious hardware company is dedicated to social change and manufactures ethically sourced smartphones. Its supply chain is completely transparent and Fairphone only buys material from reputable factories. Its newest phone comes with two simcard slots, allowing users to easily divide their work and personal lives.


Over the past few years, WeTransfer has grown into a world-leading, cloud-based company. Its amazingly accessible website allows users to freely transfer large files quickly across the internet. This simple yet indispensable website has already attracted over 20 million users and is fast becoming an essential part of every internet user’s vocabulary.


StudyTube’s website and app provides cloud-based learning to thousands of students across the Netherlands. The site gives lecturers and teachers control over a specific, tailor-made curriculum that can then be accessed remotely by students. There are already hundreds of courses online that StudyTube is constantly expanding its content.


Travelbird is an online platform that finds package holidays for travellers. Its website is incredibly easy to access and immediately shows the best deals available during a given day. TravelBird also offers expert advice to its customers and its services have already been used by over four million people.


This productivity app markets itself as the ‘superpower of remembering’ and tracks users’ routines in order to remind them of important tasks. These notifications are sent when a user walks past a specific location that has been preprogrammed into MarkO‘s schedule. This means that users can stack tasks according to place rather than time and create a natural agenda that follows their daily movements.


Songflow is a music distribution service that allows independent artists to sell and promote their work. The app connects to most major music platforms, including Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud, and its website provides invaluable insights into current trends. Songflow works under a fair policy and its users always receive royalties.


Fitmo is a fitness app that connects users to personal trainers. After filling out their profile, users can decide on their goals and then pick a suitable coach. These personal trainers are on hand to help keep users motivated and will create achievable fitness routines that can be easily modified. Fitmo is compatible with several wearable devices including Fitbit and Apple Watch.