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Everything You Need to Know About Amsterdam's Hangover Information Center
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Everything You Need to Know About Amsterdam's Hangover Information Center

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Updated: 4 December 2017
There’s good news for anyone gearing up for a heavy weekend in Amsterdam, as the city now features an innovative information centre that’s dedicated to preventing hangovers. This clever venture stays open until after midnight during the weekend, and stocks a vitamin-packed supplement called Reset that’s designed to neutralise hangovers.

The Hangover Information Centre (or HIC for short) is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District and welcomes visitors from Thursday to Sunday every week. Once inside customers can talk to experts about alcohol’s negative effects on the human body and learn about the physiological mechanisms that produce hangovers.

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According to HIC, hangovers are intensified by several factors. Beverages that contain artificial colours or sweeteners, for instance, tend to take heavier tolls on drinkers. Wine and spirits are also more likely to induce hangovers as their higher ABV causes people to dehydrate at a faster pace than weaker drinks like beer.

A wall display inside HIC | © Culture Trip

Aside from gathering information about booze and its after-effects, visitors at HIC can stock up on a new health drink called Reset. This blue concoction contains several ingredients that stave off hangovers before they even begin to develop and works by encouraging peoples’ bodies to produce certain amino acids that flush out toxins created by alcohol.

Bottles of Reset | © Culture Trip

In order to avoid hangovers HIC recommends that people take Reset before going to bed, as this allows the drink to work its magic over night and remedy chemical imbalances. The drink only costs €5 and comes in a 80ml bottle that’s small enough to fit into most bags.

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Even though HIC doesn’t market Reset as a ‘hangover cure’, pharmaceutical research suggests that the drink prevents common symptoms like headaches, nausea and fatigue. However, HIC is eager to point out that there’s only one, definite way avoid hangovers and that’s, sadly, abstinence.

Know any other remedies for killer hangovers? Then, let us know in the comments.