Amsterdam's CarSmash Lets You Totally Destroy a Car

CarSmash in Amsterdam is allowing visitors to release all of their pent-up tensions and worries in one of the most satisfying ways possible.

As the name of their business suggests, you can smash a car into smithereens to your heart’s content, providing a unique release from all of life’s troubles.

Remember playing Street Fighter II and getting to those mid-level games where you have to destroy a car to get bonus points? Well, CarSmash is the living embodiment of that mini-game © Culture Trip

The ultimate anger management activity

Dubbed the ultimate anger management activity, CarSmash offers people the simple task of letting their frustrations out on a car that’s ready for demolition. It’s that simple. Amsterdam’s junkyard CarSmash is a massive hit with locals looking to let out some aggression.

What’s involved?

The basic experience requires groups of six to get together, but you can go as an individual and join other single participants to make up a group. You then go to work beating up a car ready for the scrapheap. There are add-ons available to bolster your fun, too (more on that below).

For your money, you are given an array of demolition weapons such as crowbars, metal pipes, baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks and heavy-duty sledgehammers to carry out the destruction. Protective clothing such as overalls, gloves and safety glasses must be worn at all times because they’ll be debris flying everywhere, and there’s an instructor on-hand to show you the best ways to smash your vehicle. If you want to go really feral, you can even use your bare hands.

Extras to make your visit to CarSmash special

There are additional add-ons to help make your visit even more special. They range from the interesting to the absurd, but they undeniably add an extra level of craziness to your demolition dreams.

Smashing cars is hungry work, so there’s a food truck on-hand for a delicious barbecued snack after you’ve exhausted yourselves. There are drinks on order, and you can even arrange for CarSmash to pick you up and drive you to their lot. They’ll even drop you off afterwards too (even outside of Amsterdam, but this has to be arranged at the time of booking).

But perhaps the most bizarre add-on of all is the option to hire a ‘bikini babe’, as their website puts it, to wash the car you’re about to destroy, and then help you smash it up. Photographs are on offer, too, but perhaps that one is best left for bachelor parties.